Posted by: purityseekers | January 13, 2009

I'm thankful…

I really am just SO thankful today.

We are in a court battle with my ex in regards to my oldest son and whether he should be placed into public school. He has been homeschooled his whole life and is 6th grade age.  This never came up until last year and I couldn’t believe that he actually decided to take me to court!  I was heartsick!!!  Thinking of my precious son being thrust into the public school world at JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL age made me feel ill!

Before I go any further, there is not ruling yet, but I received good news today that at least boosted my son’s self-esteem and helped to give me more hope.

I had my son tested last Spring by a Stanford examiner and he did well, but showed an obvious spelling weakness.  According to national standards, he scored average to above average in almost every area BUT spelling.  When it lists the “grade equivalence” he scored up as high as 10th grade in some areas.  That being said, he isn’t actually a “10th grade” level as in what some 10th graders can do… but it’s more in the lines that he scored what the average 10th grader would score taking that same test.  That doesn’t say much about public school.

Anyhow, I had him tested again 6 months later to have results to compare to his last test for when the court date arrived.  The results came in the mail today.  My heart was beating so fast as I opened them because I feared that since he was pretty sick with a nasty cold during the test days, that he may have had a lazy brain!!!  Well, I opened the test (as I was heading out to run errands) and HAD to come back inside to show him!

He had improved, in just 6 months, in almost every area.  In  Total Mathematics and Science, he scored a Grade Equivalence of well into the 12th grade year and POST high school!!!  His spelling went up over a grade level in 6 months also and this just shows that schooling one-on-one in the comfort & security of “home” works!  And trust me, we don’t school in any abnormal way

I pray now that my Ex’s eyes will be opened to the beauty of keeping him home and that he’ll be proud of his hard work!

I just wanted to say how thankful I am that his results came in at the perfect time with positive results and so I should know this week if this will or will not proceed to court!

Praise God!!  He is faithful!  🙂 Bridget


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