Posted by: purityseekers | January 5, 2009

How Many Diapers Have YOU changed?

As I was pondering life earlier, lost in my thoughts (a typical for me!), I got to wondering just how many diapers I have changed in my lifetime!  I googled what I put in my subject line and came across this bloggers article…

I’ve decided to do a little math on my own.  I know that the first few months of a babies life are spent changing several diapers a day.  I will guess about 10 just for a round about number.  As my kids have grown, I have found that I have only had to change them probably 6 times a day unless it’s an unusual situation.  (which I’ve had SEVERAL of those!!! haha)  And now I have a 3 year old that still is not potty trained, and I really only have to usually change him 4-6 times a day.  If he doesn’t poop much, I really can go a lot longer in between changes.  Then you have to throw in the cloth vs. disposable.  I have done both, and have to admit that right now I am caught in the disposable trap and am trying to encourage myself to get out the cloth again!!  BUT, you normally change cloth a lot more than disposables (as gross as that truth may be since the disgusting chemicals in disposables allows them to soak up more! YUCK) and so cloth diapering would be a bit more each day.

To keep my math simple (because this topic is getting a little more lengthy than I expected haha), I will give myself this:

0-3 months = 10 diaper changes (that’s about 90 days)

3 months on up = 7 diaper changes

Now, since my Husband changes a ton of diapers, I will only give myself about 3/4 of the changes (which may not even be accurate)

So… my addition is going to be based on 3 months of about 7 changes and the rest of their diapering life… about 5.

Child #1 (who was potty trained during the day at about 3ish)

     (First year)… 630 +  1925 + (2 more years) 3650 = 6205 changes

Child # 2 (who was potty trained closer to 2? but probably a  bit longer)

     630 + 1925 + (1 more year) 1825 = 4380

I am going to give Children #3 & #4 athe same as #1 since one trained a bit earlier than 3 and one a bit later than 3 so…

6205 + 6205 = 12410

Just the first 4 children alone end up to be approximately 23,000 diaper changes.

Then I need to add my youngest who is 4 months past 3…

he gets 6205 + 600 = 6805

leaving a GRAND TOTAL of approximately… drum roll please!!!!!!!!

**********30,000 diaper changes!!!!!!************

Now I could add the many, many diapers I changed when I used to babysit for twins and other children… AND my sister’s 3 kids,  but I won’t go there because 30,000 is dramatic enough!!!

How many diapers have YOU changed?



  1. That is an awful lot of diapers! I don't even know how many I have changed with 3, but I sure hope to change more some day. šŸ™‚


  2. With our 7 so far…still one in diapers, I have changed approximately……….I can't believe this……….56,940 diapers…WOW!! I hadn't really thought about that before. This was fun…I think I'll do a post like this on my blog, referring to yours in the process of course!

    Happy diaper days

  3. There's no knowing how many diapers I've changed, but I do know that it's alot!!! Lets see now, umpteen dozens of kids throughout my babysitting years—most in cloth diapers, pins, and rubber pants, nephews. nieces, and neighbourhood children, more cloth diapers, and my own kids who I cloth diapered religiously. Yah, I'm thinking 60 or 70 thousand diapers anyway. Fun stats. great blog.

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