Posted by: purityseekers | December 31, 2008


Is it really a new year??  I don’t know about all of you, but there is just something about starting a new year.  I can see why the long standing tradition of "New Year’s Resolution’s" exists because there is just something about starting fresh and making goals.  Although it’s just going to be another day, another week, another month… there IS something great about starting a new calendar year!

I gave up on resolution’s a long time ago.  Way back in the day when I was not walking with the Lord, I remember having the resolution of quitting smoking.  Yes, I used to smoke.  Isn’t that disgusting????  gag gag gag…I still can’t believe that was a huge struggle for me!!!!  I started way back when I was in high school because I thought it was "cool".  (oh I am so glad my kids are homeschooled!!!!!) And then, or course, I got hooked and it was NOT easy to stop!!!  Year after year, from as young as like 17 or 18, I’d say I was going to stop.  I hated smoking.  Really!!!  I really hated it.  I hated the smell.  I hated the way it made me feel.  I hated being in a room where people smoked.  BUT I needed to or I’d be all anxious for it.  GROSS!! 

So…I would resolve to stop Jan.1 of each year.  I remember buying a pack for New Year’s Eve and HAVING to smoke them all (even MORE gross!!!) so that I wouldn’t have to throw any out and waste money, but not have any to test myself in the self-control area.  Jan.1st would roll around and I’d do really well….UNTIL about noon.  Then by probably 3PM I’d give in, quit and blow the whole big resolution thing.  Then I’d play mind games with myself and plan to give myself one more week or something incredibly silly like that.

It wasn’t until I was pregnant with my oldest son that I gave it up!!!  So, you can see why I personally don’t like resolutions.  If I was to set them like that, I’d be setting myself up for failure. 

Instead, I just choose to have some personal goals I’d like to see myself "improve" at through the year and try to start the year with a new perspective.

Today I have been planning yet another daily schedule.  I really loved the idea of "Managers Of Their Homes" so I went and started a new daily schedule.  I have tried so many different approaches and just know that I need flexibility in my life according to my personality.  If something works for a season; that is good.  If it lasts; that’s great too! 

I had been printing off weekly chore schedules for the kids but that ended up being a little too crazy for me!  I don’t really like the look of a cluttered wall & having all the kids going sticker crazy.  I should have known.  I’ve never really liked that approach.  But I DO like having the kids check off something because I am a total checklist type of person.  SO I am going to make up a simple weekly chart.  ONE chart for all the kids with simple chores.  I am not going to have them check off every single thing they do all day, just the big stuff.  I found that if I didn’t print off a chart, they would just figure they didn’t HAVE to do anything!!  I just need to train them to do the daily things and allow them a little fun of a simple checklist for the different chore things.

As for me, I really need to spend more time with the Lord.  That isn’t just a new year thing… it’s a constant.  I think it is for most of us!  So, I am going to try to make more time to spend some quality alone time with God and in His Word.  And I am going to try to do more devotions with the kids and turn their eyes more toward Him.

This was a long December!  We were SO blessed to have my brother’s family here from the 16th until yesterday!  My home doubled in size since they also have 5 children, and it was just such a great time for all!!!  It was a Christmas we will never ever forget!!!  We had a season of constant fun and excitement and now we are shifting to a season of focus, training, discipline, and schooling!  Back to reality, kids!!! haha

I am also going to hope to post more, but will also be juggling schooling, daily living, my Etsy shop (knitting) and all the extras!!  I have a homeschool group through yahoo and will be planning more groups here at my home and outings and things too!!  Looks like it’s going to be a Spirit filled year!!

I pray you all have a 2009 filled with the light of the Lord!  He is the reason we live!!!  Praise His name in all you do!!!! 

Love, Bridget




  1. Happy New Year to you and your family too, Bridget.
    Great post. Made me think about the goals I want to set for this next year. I'm not a big 'new year's resolution' type girl but there is something special about a fresh start.

  2. Hey Bridgey. This sounds a lot like my post about New Years Resolutions or lack there of. : ) I love the photos in the previous post. How great to have all those little ones at your house!!!! Love you


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