Posted by: purityseekers | December 20, 2008

"C"s Swim Meet today…

We are having a great time with my brother and his family here!!  Today my oldest son had a swim meet, so my Husband went early because he is a timer.  I ended up going a bit before the meet started and my brother and his 2 oldest came for a bit before they had to go to dinner with my SIL’s Mom 🙂

"C" was happy to see them there while he was warming up…

Here’s Jordan and Abbie…

Warming up…

"C" swam in 3 races 🙂  The first was a relay and I think his team came in last…bummer!


Here he is getting ready to dive in…

His 2nd race was the 50m butterfly.  He was one of two racing and they were pretty close, but she won!

Then his last race was his first 100m and it was the backstroke…

That’s him way over to the left in the lead!

Dad had been timing in Lane 8 the whole meet so it was perfect that "C"s last race was in the same lane!  Here’s Dad watching for "C" to finish…

THE WINNER!!!!  Way to go, "C"!!!!!!

Look at that proud smile!!!

Lane 8… his final score!!  I am SOOOO proud of him!!  After losing to a girl in the previous race… this HAD to feel good!! haha

As usual, thanks for letting me share a bit of my life!!  🙂 Bridget


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