Posted by: purityseekers | November 28, 2008

Off My Needles…

I am in the process of knitting the Skirty/Longies that are in the next post, but also just finished weaving in the ends of these adorable striped Longies 🙂 They are made from Peace Fleece in the colors of Shaba Green, Natural, Chickie Masla (yellow), Georgia Rose, and a tad bit of Periwinkle at the top (and there would have been more if I had not lost the little ball of yarn!!). The mish-mash of colors and fun texture gives them a hip edge! I will be knitting an i-cord drawstring out of the color “Chickie Masla” and then they’ll be ready to hit the market 😉

Although I am listing them as a 12-18 month, they offer lots of growing room!

Waist = 17″-20″ +
Rise = 17″
Inseam = 10″
Cuffed = 9″






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