Posted by: purityseekers | November 25, 2008

New Shop AND Blog…

Hi All!! 

I am very excited about announcing my new Etsy shop and blog!  I will continue to run this family blog, but will have a seperate place to share about my new shop, "The East Side"!

My niece and I are parting ways (shop-wise) but will continue to work together as sister-shops.  We have just decided to each have our own place to call our own!  My niece will be taking a short vacation from "Homegrown Beans", but will be back in February 2009.  I will be continuing to sell there for another week or so until I get my new shop up and running!

If you’d like to check out "The East Side" and my new blog, "The East Side Knits", I’d love to get your input!  Make sure to scroll down on my blog and read from the beginning to see why I chose the name I did!

Thanks!!  Love, Bridget



  1. Wow, Bridget! Those longies are adorable-wish I knew how to do that. You are so talented. Holly

  2. I love your handiwork. I bet you will get a lot of business with such adorable pieces of work.

  3. Wow, Very cool. I will do some more reading on your other blog later, but I love the longies and the skirties. Great job.

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