Posted by: purityseekers | November 17, 2008

Organizing & random pix…

I have been working really hard on a new set of work lists for me and the kids.  I put them in action today and spent time off and on tweaking them so that at some point they’ll hopefully be just right 🙂

Where I used to keep the kids chore cards, I put each of their weekly sticker charts, my monthly zone list, and my Mama List. 

It looks a little busy… but it’s a "Working Wall"…what do you expect??? 🙂  You can see the kids each took a star sticker sheet and I have an envelope with more for if they run out.

Here’s a closer look at my weekly Master List.  Once I perfect it, I will laminate it with contact paper and use dry erase markers to check off each task!

I’ll be focusing on 3 zones each week and have semi-detailed lists for each room for daily, weekly and monthly chores.  I will be getting REALLY detailed at some point, but this is just a rough cleaning list to get started!

The kids did a really great job cleaning today!! 

From my youngest… who had the job of washing the breakfast table, but insisted on doing the chair first…

to my oldest who did an awesome job sweeping and then mopping the kitchen and dining room…

and here’s another of my little guy once he finally got to washing the table…

After all that hard work, we decided to take a walk and deliver a loaf of freshly baked bread to Grampa & Nana (who live 4 streets down from us!)

While we were walking, we saw Grampa heading home from running an errand!

"C" handed him the bread when he got out of his car, and then we headed inside to visit for a bit! 

I took this cute pic of "A" sitting in Nana’s chair…

Then we headed home and the rest of the day we schooled and did this and that.  Then Dad came home and we had dinner and he took the older 3 kids to the open swim at the "Y".  "C" walked by his coaches office and she said "hey, do you want your ribbons now or at practice tomorrow night?" He had NO idea that he was going to get ribbons after the meet on Saturday! 

He wanted to put them up beside things on the "Working Wall" so people could see them!  Heck…I’m a proud Mama, so of course I told him he could!! hehe

As usual…thanks for letting me share a bit of our life!! 🙂 Bridget



  1. What a great, industrious day you had. It looks like the charts are working. I love how God gives us so many ideas to tackle the work load we have. Many laborers make the load light.

  2. woah, Working Wall indeed. You go!!!

  3. Bridgit – could you visit this link and see if you'd like to help me out? I hate to ask, and understand if you can't – but I'm asking everyone I "know"… thank you!

  4. I love the working wall!! Thank you so much for the idea. I am going to have to incorporate the idea into our home. Again, thanks!! Would you want to share your list as well? Could you possible email me the documents to get me started? Karen @

  5. Love the wall! I did this at one point, on a bulletin board, I had my MOTH schedule and our chore packs there.
    I have been checking this out-

    But it is pricey!I I might make one or something….

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