Posted by: purityseekers | November 13, 2008

Sew Crafty Friday and a couple other pix…

***I started this yesterday but DID get around to doing a Sew Crafty post and added to the end***

I started a pair of longies yesterday to sell and thought I’d post a few pix now in case I don’t get to Sew Crafty Friday tomorrow.  (If I DO… I’ll add to this post and change the title)

I am doing a mix of knit and purl rows and just taking a picture of it laying on the table didn’t do it justice, so I decided to find a head!  "C" said "oh, I know what you are saying… that I have a big head!" haha

Ya know…I think it makes a pretty cute hat! 

Even with the 3 sets of short rows in the back… it still works! (the colors just aren’t him though!!) haha

He did one spin around and thought it was pretty funny that he tangled the yarn a bit…

Oh…he is SO cute… even with partially knit longies on his head!

I have done more of my son’s wool pants.  I still have quite a bit to do on the 1st leg since he’s getting so tall, but I’m getting there!

And I think I mentioned this last week, but I didn’t have a picture to share.  It’s a baby doll blanket I am making for "L" (my 4 year old dd) for Christmas. 

That’s it for crafties!  But I took a couple pix I wanted to share. 

I was on the phone with my Mom and looked over and "Z" was getting her and her siblings cereal and bananas!  Awwwww.  She has been SO helpful like that lately!  I love it!!

And I asked "C" to organize the bookshelves and he did SUCH an awesome job!!!  If you had seen it before… you would have been as amazed as I was!!  Under the bottom shelf it was just piles of books that had been looked at and then just thrown on the floor! (as were toys…which are still there until we get around to that task later!)  AND the shelves were all super messy!  He also organized many of the different books by categories!  Great job, "C"!!!!

And "A" was so cute a little while ago.  I had sat down with my 4 youngest and read through 4 of the "Harold and the Purple Crayon" books.  He decided he wanted to reenact the scene at the end of each book where Harold climbs into bed, drops his purple crayon and then drops off to sleep. hehe.  But this one is called:

"A" and the FOUR purple crayons…

and he wanted a picture of him after he "woke up" haha.  He is so sweet!



  1. Looks good. C you make a great model.

  2. No wonder you think he's so cute, he looks SO much like you in this picture. I stood in shock. I had to go back up and look at a picture of you. They are coming out great. I have to start Sew Crafty Friday up again. Hopefully soon.

  3. Hi Bridget,
    I love your longies. I am thinking about making some and was wondering if you had a good link to a free pattern for a beginner as I have never knitted something like this.Edited by midwifemom on Dec. 27, 2008 at 12:17 PM

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