Posted by: purityseekers | November 12, 2008

Organizing System Issues…ARGH…

Back in June I was working on an index card organization system.  This is the post if any of you don’t know what I’m talking about…


I really liked the system for quite a while, got away from it, but then started it up a couple weeks back.  The kids really really liked it (notice the past tense LOL) but then I noticed something happening.  The kids were getting B-O-R-E-D!!  I think they are too much like Mama.  I am a "checklist" kinda person… and moving a card from the "to do" side to the "done" side just doesn’t feel like you’ve accomplished that much.  I think it’s all psychological…but it makes sense to me!

Back when I had tried "Managers of Their Homes"… I loved it at first.  The only problem for me was that it was a SCHEDULE and not really a CHECKLIST.  I made this big huge chart that was our MASTER SCHEDULE and it charted what we SHOULD be doing every single hour of the day.  ARGH.  It ended up being just another piece of wall art!  My Husband just actually took it off the wall the other day!  I am just way too spontaneous for such a rigid schedule…and having it there to remind me of how much I failed that day just did nothing for us!

SO…I am on to bigger and better things.  I need a system that actually works well.  I need a system that fits our personalities (or mine at least so as Mama I can stay disciplined and not get discouraged!).  And I need a system that is fun and not too hard to keep up on.  The index card thing was something I had to prepare each night for the next day!  FORGET THAT!!!

I got an idea from a yahoo group I am a part of.  My friend, Shereen, that has "Sew Crafty Friday" started a group called Heavenly Homemakers.  Through group email, we just send in our "list" of things we need to accomplish that day and then update a few times to show our progress.  I would type up a list (although she recommends having master lists prepared to copy and paste…I just haven’t done mine YET) and then as you do something you can write "DONE" in another color beside it.  It is AMAZING how well that works for me when I do it!!  I guess its my quirky "OCD"ish personality that gives me that satisfaction to see a bunch of red DONE‘s all over the email!!

So, back to the index card system for a minute…then I’ll share my idea.  I took one little "must do’s" from the cards and made a little "toothbrushing schedule" for the kids.  It’s very simple and is a tester to see how they like this method.  Just a document I made with a table of squares and their names at the top with 2 boxes for each child per day.  After they brush their teeth after breakfast, they need to put a sticker in the first box.  Then after they do their teeth at night, they have to put a sticker in the 2nd box.

Now…I don’t want to scare you with the STICKER CHART idea.  I know that I got REALLY tired of that when my kids were younger and I’d try potty charts and things.  But I can print this one sheet off and it lasts for days and I have it on the fridge along with a sticker sheet right there in their reach.  They like seeing the sticker there and they feel they’ve accomplished something!  After all these years…I just have to agree that the visual completion thing is cool!

I think I will make a little section of wall and call it the "Working Wall" or something like that… and put a few bible verses above it dealing with work.   Then I’ll take some time to make weekly charts for the kids BASED on the index card system I have.  I really like the daily organization of who does what on each day… but feel a sticker or checkmark thing will work better!  We’ll see!

Then instead of having to prepare each night…I can simply print off 5 papers once a week and hang them up with stickers in an envelope nearby.  That way I can have a quick glance at who needs to do what instead of going through a bunch of cards for each child.

I’ll have to post pix once I get them done!  I may even do something more permanent for the older kids, like cover a "Master List" with contact paper and they can check things off with dry erase markers.  If nothing else, I may do that for myself!

Well, speaking of work…I better get going! 

🙂 Bridge 


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