Posted by: purityseekers | November 11, 2008


After earning about $230 for his swim team with pledges, "C" swam in his first "Swim-A-Thon" today! 

He was glad he finally got his team Speedos… and just in time for him to wear them to his 3rd meet on Saturday!

Here he is, jumping in to start his first length.  They are allowed 2 hours or 200 lengths, whichever comes first.  He guessed he MAY be able to do 100 lengths, but his coach said that his team only really had to try to do 50!

In action…

Troy and I took turns tallying up the laps and this was my view as I took a turn…

When I wasn’t counting or taking pictures, I was…YUP…you guessed it…KNITTING!  (and texting Christine to let her know how "C" was doing!)

Dad counting and "C" pushing off for another lap…

I love watching him do the backstroke!

"C" was SO determined!!  He took maybe 3 breaks lasting just a quick 30 seconds and he swam the whole 2 hours!!  Here’s Troy counting near the end and he had gone way past the 100 lengths and was to 160!  At one point, "C" asked how many lengths he’d done and Troy said "98" haha…

We were telling him that he was almost done, but to keep on going!

almost done… swim, swim, swim!!!!

DONE!!!  And here he was guessing how many he did and he started with 100 and we kept having to tell him "higher" until he guessed 165 and we told him his total was 166!!!  That’s 83 laps, up and back!!  And a total over over a mile of swimming!!  We are so proud of him!!!

Final tally sheet!!!  I think he is going to be one sore boy in the morning!!

Thanks for letting me share a bit of our life!!  🙂 Bridget




  1. Way to go C!! Someday when you are in the Olympics, I'm gonna say "I had HIS VOICE as my ringtone!!!!!!!!!" and people are going to be so jealous of me. lol Great job!! The check's in the mail. = )

  2. Way to go, C!! I'm impressed with your determination and perseverance!!!

  3. WOW good job C! My cousin is a swimmer to. Looks like a lot of hard work!


  4. Go Cam!!!!!!!!!!!! You've made me proud! You definitely earned your $25!!

  5. Wow!!! Great Job !!!

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