Posted by: purityseekers | November 7, 2008

Sew Crafty Friday

I haven’t posted a SCF post for a while, so I have stuff to catch up on.  I finished the longies I was making to sell on my Etsy shop…

And I knit these for friends Nehemiah & Ruth’s baby, Caleb, due in December.  The yarn was SO yummy since it had a touch of elastic in it so the feel was GREAT!!

and just as a little addition, I made a little strip pillow…

and I added a pocket to the back and a little lavendar sachet… (so the pillow is washable)

My friend, Katherine, asked me if I could make her son, Luka, a "pee" pad out of wool.  She wanted to have it under him like a little crib pad.  SO, I just changed my favorite dishcloth pattern and made it larger and used merino wool!

This shows how much larger it is than the dishcloths…

And I finished a couple more pair of mittens.  These are "A"s and "Z"s…

and I’m almost done another pair that was supposed to be for "A" but the gauge was off so they’ll fit me! 

and when I went to work with my Husband on Wed. I started a pair of pants for "E" since he took some scissors and cut a little slice into another pair like this I made for him!  I’ve actually started a leg, but haven’t taken a newer pic!

And I’ve also started a little baby doll blanket for my youngest daughter for Christmas, but will probably have to post it next week!

That’s all for now!!!  Make sure to pop over to Shereen’s blog and see what others have done!

🙂 Bridget



  1. Love it all! Care to share the dishcloth pattern? So pretty!

  2. Hey! I really love the pillow you made. So pretty! I hope to someday be able to figure out how to knit socks and mittens! I posted my first sew crafty this week!


  3. Beautiful job. Love the longies. I tried calling today but I must have push the wrong numbers because it wasn't you on the other end ha ha. Then I got side tracked with the kids and just got back from pottery class with them. It is almost 3:30 here so must be 6:30 your time and I am afraid it is dinner time or there about with your family.I was wondering.. do you carry the yarn behind when you are doing your stripes or do you cut your yarn everytime. I love how you make your longies.

  4. woah, you sure DO have a lot of projects underway at one time don'tja? I'm having a hard enough time not dropping stiches on the ONE thing I've got going on and I'm not even sure what it's going to turn out to be yet! That strip pillow is lovely. I didn't know you made non-knit stuff too.

  5. sorry, didn't mean to be anonymous with my earlier comment. That was me…

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