Posted by: purityseekers | November 4, 2008

Did You Vote?

My friend, Christine, sent me a text message today that said "HOW CAN YOU SPOT A HOMESCHOOLER?"— They take their kids AND cameras to the polls! LOL

Dad and kids heading in to vote!

Here we go!

"E" was the 1st to spot Grampa (my Dad) the Constable of our ward…

I have the best Dad in the world!  Here he is with "C" while we checked in…

All done!  I had to make sure to get one more shot before we left!  Everyone had on their "I voted today" stickers…

Even me!  Now…if you haven’t…get on out there and VOTE!!!



  1. Great pictures!! I love the one with "E" looking like he is ready to escape from prison. You are a great homeschoolin' mama!!

  2. They didn't give me a sticker 😦

    Anyway, I think that's great that your dad was there and you brought the kiddo's along. I only brought one curious 12 yr. old this time. =)


  3. Hi,

    I just got to vote this year for the first time! I remember going to vote with my parents when I was younger too. I use to think it was so much fun!

    I love reading your blog its so encouraging. I especially love the Sew Crafty Firdays!


  4. I enjoyed the chuckle with you. What a great post.

  5. Great Job! I use to take my kids to vote but I left them behind this time. Great to have built in baby sitters. I stood in line to vote for over a half hour. Never had to do that before. Great to see more people out voting.

  6. I love how E is about to escape in the one with all the kids together. Leave it to Evoooo!

  7. Good for you taking all the kids along.

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