Posted by: purityseekers | October 30, 2008

Update on our life… lots of pix too :)

This has seemed like a pretty normal week compared to the last 2 🙂  Thank the Lord because things just seemed so out of sorts for a while!!

I started the kids "chore cards" again on Monday.  If you don’t know what I mean, you can check out my post about it HERE. I say "kids" chore cards, but I actually have some for myself too.  I love having them to help as reminders of the things I need to do!  And I really shouldn’t call them "CHORE" cards.  "Responsibility" cards is more like it.  Each child has cards that say things like "get dressed", "brush teeth and floss after breakfast", "school w/ Mom", "dry dishes after meal #1", etc.

"C" LOVES the 2 new island chairs Dad bought on Friday.  He has been doing all of his schoolwork right here…

And here’s "A" doing his math lessons with me.  When I was a kid we had this great set of poker chips that we played with.  My Mom gave it to me a while back and the kids use the chips as counters!  I used them the other day to start teaching "A" about "place value".  In this picture we had 3 sets of 10 in the "tens" place and 6 chips in the "ones" place and I had "36" written on the card in front of him…

Then I had him count out loud from 1 to 100 while he put a chip down for each one he said and he cutely put them in little lines of 5! (which made it convenient for me to count by 5’s with him when he was done!)

When it was time to do chores, I took a few pictures of the little ones "in training".  Here’s "A" who had "clean potty" as a chore, which someone has to do everyday.  I have them swish the bowl and then wash over the potty with a damp rag that has "Green Works" cleaner on it! 

Then little "E" had to help "A" organize the shoes on the porch.  He helped lug all the shoes that were inside the house, out onto the porch!  What a big helper!!

Then while "A" showed him how cool his "camo" shoes were, little "E" took a much needed break in order to catch up on some important business.  (I don’t think I’ll add "pick nose" to his chore cards though!) haha

"C" gave "Z" a lesson in playing solitaire…

and "L" wanted to help me get my bread dough ready…

Here she is with the little roll she baked from my dough!  She was very proud of herself!

At some point, "Z" took my camera to capture a few things on film!  She took this nice picture of a tree outside…

and then she took a pic of her teacher correcting workbooks in her jammies with messy hair!  Gotta love homeschooling 🙂

and before I post anymore kids pix, I thought I’d show you a couple "cat" photos…

I thought it was a coat rack… not a "cat" rack!!  My oldest son decided to put one of the kittens in my bag! TOO CUTE!! 

And last night I found one of the 2 kittens (I can never tell them apart!) just like this when I came out of my room…

OK…back to the kids!

"Z" asked me to take a picture of her the other day.  She had drawn a picture of herself in the outfit she had chosen to wear and wanted me to take a picture of her next to it.  Here’s the self portrait…

and here’s the artist posing beside her art…so cute!!!

And we discovered something over the last few weeks.  We have our 1st "lefty" in the family!  (except for my sister’s daughter, Brittany who is 22 🙂

"E" writes, cuts and… brushes his teeth left handed.  When he tries to do it any other way, he gets frustrated and quickly switches back to his left!  This is a bad picture because the lighting was funny…but here’s the lefty!

I was going to plan an "art day" for today, but the kids ended up doing their own thing with paint the other day, so I am giving myself a break!

At first they were just painting on paper…

and SOMEONE decided to paint on his face!  I said "what are you doing?" and he said "paintin’ my face like a tie-gah"

But then "Z" got the idea to use a "nose sucker outer thing" (I think that’s the proper medical term) as a painting device!

"C" thought it looked pretty fun too!

"E" made a bubble!! 

And after a busy morning of schooling, the other day, I had gotten little "E" up for a nap and came downstairs to find this!  "C" had drawn out a funny story he calls "The Story of Fred and the Lemon" and was showing it to all the other kids!  I ran and grabbed my camera and took my place on the stairs to get the shot as I first saw it!

There is no doubt about it.  I love my children and I love being a homeschooling Mama! 

As usual, thanks for letting me share a bit of our lives!

Love, Bridget



  1. Enjoyed every single pic posted!!! Mar

  2. Thanks for sharing. That is such a wonderful week. I love when the kids make up a story and share it with the others. Cats a funny

  3. Adorable pics. Love the cat in the bag and the side by side picture of your daughter with her drawing. What a great family. I'm blessed by your posts.

  4. I love this post! I feel the same way, now that I have begun to homeschool my firstborn (4 1/2) I have not felt more successful than watching her write and begin math and reading skills. I am so glad to have the oppertunity to do this. 🙂

  5. Bridge, this is such a terrific post. I love that you captured so many special little moments of your day on film. The pic of Z next to her self-portrait is adorable. What a sweet family you have! I loved the last pic of the kids on the couch listening to C. Must have melted your heart to see them together like that. You'll have to share his story with us in one of your next posts. It looks like it had them all engrossed.

    I agree with you, YOU GOTTA LOVE HOMESCHOOLING!!!!!!!

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