Posted by: purityseekers | October 25, 2008

"C"s 1st Swim Meet!

Well, our oldest had his 1st swim meet today and he did a really great job!!  It was so much fun to watch him out there!  Dad was one of the people timing the kids, so I sat with my younger 4 and my folks to watch and capture it on film!

His 1st race was the 100 meter freestyle (his strength) and here he is taking off.  He’s the one closest to me on the right…

almost done…

WINNER!!!!  You can see his time up on the board!  He was SOOOOO proud of himself!  When he got out of the water, he raised his hands up and said "YES!!!!"  and was all smiles!!!

That’s "C" on the right and Dad is over to the left in the black shirt leaning in to give him a high five!

Final scores.  His is at the bottom since he was in lane 6.  You can see that the next in line was 10 seconds behind!

All the proud spectators!!

a cute smile…

Race #2 didn’t start out as well.  This is "C" AFTER he got nervous and lost his balance and plopped into the water!  hehe It is SOOO cute watching the "newbies".  He is on the "Blue" team and the others are "Bronze" so they know how to start and he doesn’t.  I am so proud that after he fell in he just got right back up and did his best.  But, sad to say, it was the breaststroke which he can’t stand and he isn’t very good at yet!  He came in last…BUT he sure looks cute, doesn’t he????

The last race was a relay and his team started out weak… but then he got in there and did his famous freestyle and the last swimmer kicked it into high gear and they finished 2nd!  Here’s my swimmer in action…

The Final Scores of the last race.  Again he was in lane 6 and you can see the 2nd place scores!!  And that’s "C" in the middle; the only one looking over at me 🙂

He was so glad his Grandparents could be there to see him swim and we are all so proud of him!

We had to say goodbye to "C" so he could spend the rest of the weekend with his father, then we headed to Red Robin to have lunch with my folks… (we wished "C" could have been with us, but we are glad we got to see him swim!)

My Sweet "L" decided to pick up some rocks before we left…

and "E" noticed I was lagging behind and came running to me!!  Awwww… I wish I could bottle up moments like this!!!!

Mom & Dad decided to make this a little celebration after the sale of their cottage was final yesterday!!  Lunch was on them!!  Thank you, Dad & Mom!!!  We love you!!!

"Z" ordered pizza and salad…mmmmm

Dessert was "Mudd Pie" and we all digged in and had fun trying to steal ice cream off from each others spoons!!!

Little "E" said, "Daddy, I don’t like to eat mud"… so it took us a minute to explain that it wasn’t REALLY made out of mud!  hehe

What a great day!!  We were bummed to not have big brother at lunch, but we are all so proud and were so happy to see him at his meet!!  I can’t wait for him to come home tomorrow so we can talk more about the races!!!

Thanks for letting me share our day and an important day for "C"!!

Love, Bridge



  1. Way to go "C"!

    And, oh my goodness, Mud Pie at Red Robin. We ordered that, once, and only once – it was so good, but soooo big – even after getting a to-go box and bringing it home, we couldn't finish it! We'll have to take a crowd next time lol!


  2. Congrats C.! Looks like you all had such a fun time.

  3. Oh what a fun day! Great Job C! I use to be on swim team….many many years ago. Lots of hard work.. You did great!!!!

  4. What an exciting day! Congratulations.

  5. Great pictures! I have a link for you-

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