Posted by: purityseekers | October 3, 2008

Quick Sew Crafty and some catchup pix :)

Before I talk about any pix I’m posting, I wanted to share a bit about how God has been speaking to my heart.  The other day "Linkmama" posted a comment on one of my entries and I went to visit her blog.  She had posted this:


I copied it and pasted it and printed it πŸ™‚  For the last 2 days I have spent a little time reading the question and then searching for the verse and writing down the answer and how God spoke to my heart.  I’ve done 8 of the questions and will keep on searching the verses until I finish, even if it takes me a few more days!  I have really enjoyed reading even just a few and then praying about how to make sure to keep these words etched in my memory bank.  I’ve even had a few opportunities to talk to the kids about things that have come up and were perfect examples of the verses.  One of the ways was how my oldest son told me that his father (who he sees just every other weekend) had told him he should bring his Gameboy to our home, even though he knows we don’t allow handheld games like that.  Today "C" told me that his father keeps saying "just bring it and hide it in your room and use it under your covers and she’ll never know"!!!!!  Can you believe that??? ARGH.  So, I grabbed my printed sheet of paper where I had written down Matthew 18: 5&6, "but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it is better for him that a heavy millstone be hung around his neck, and that he be drowned in the depth of the sea".  It goes on to say "Woe to the world because of its stumbling blocks!"  AMEN TO THAT!!  So, I just explained to him how as parents we are not to lead our children to sin and how he needs to obey the Lord by obeying me and our house rules even IF his father tells him not to.  My son knows that I train him daily and that I raise him in righteousness and he easily discerns the difference.  He told me that he told his father he would not go against our rules and his father thought it was silly.  I am so glad that he didn’t just go along with it!!  I have a great son!!! 

Anyway, I just really think that the questions are a great way to do a little bible study and it will really have you looking at how you raise your children.  Although I have studied child training scripture for years, my eyes were opened to many verses that I had even read before and never REALLY understood them!!!  I love that!!!

OK…now onto the photos!!

This is my project this week, since I finished all 3 of the longies that I was making! (finally!!!)  I have posted them on my ETSY SHOP if you’d like to check ’em out!  My niece has also added a few new things! 

These are a pair of Peace Fleece girly striped longies πŸ™‚  I just finished the first leg last night, but just haven’t bound off…

 I’ve taken some different pix of the kids this week as we go through life.  This is my middle son having fun with Playdoh…

 He loves to drive his car in it and squish them in… fun fun!!!

 Here’s "C" on the Hubble Site.  He was checking the sky for this month and then went to a Nasa tv show he could watch online.  It was really cool!!

 Last night he had his swim team lesson.  He goes twice a week and I went last night to check out how he’s doing.  He is really doing well and they said he’d be moving up to Bronze by Christmas!  The pictures don’t come out very well because of the funny lighting, but I got a few.  Here he is after he got changed up…

 That’s him in the middle of the photo swimming…

 Talking with his coach…

 Practicing diving…

 And right before they were finished, their coach said they could each do a cannonball!

 Yesterday I also got a new "best friend"… a Pizza Stone.  This is my 2nd attempt (the first was a bit of a flop because it stuck on!!!) and it came out GREAT!!!

 My Dad popped over today to bring the kids some old tennis rackets and balls and things.  (they are cleaning out their basement!)  They had fun looking through all the stuff!  Thanks Dad & Mom!!

 And then I brought the kids outside and took a pic of them before we left for Walmart… 

 And since I am photo crazy, I bring my camera everywhere…even in the cat food section of stores! haha  I just thought my kids looked TOO cute picking out different flavors of special treats for the kitties!

 Then on the way home we stopped at my friend, Jessica’s.  She had just gotten back from her glucose screening since she is about 26 weeks pregnant with daughter #4!!  The kids had fun playing…

And before we left we went over to see the chickens… 

 They all got to feed them some food pellets…

AAAAHHH… Homeschooling at it’s best!!!  I don’t care what ANYONE says… schooling is NOT just bookwork; it’s experiences!!!  Even in Walmart I was explaining differences in prices and how to see what is the better deal, teaching self control, good manners, etc.  And they get to see "real life" things that many parents do while their kids are at school!   

Now the kids are upstairs watching an old "Lost in Space" Netflix DVD while I get my little man for a rest and then we are going to do some sit down schoolwork πŸ™‚ 

Hope you all have a great weekend!!!  Once Shereen is back online (they just moved and will have satellite internet soon!!!!!) I will make sure to link to her Sew Crafty entries!!

πŸ™‚ In Christ’s love, Bridget




  1. Awesome Bridget! You are training them well.

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my stone πŸ™‚ Makes perfect pizza!!!

    Those longies are SUPER cute!!! I love you Etsy store!!

    And home schooling is the best!!! We had LOTS OF home ec this week!! CANNING!!!! I love the way it looks in the pantry though!!!!

    Have a blessed week!!

  3. You're killing me! ;o) I wish I could buy those stripped longies to try for my son…but no extra funds at this time, but they really are great. Homeschooling is wonderful…I love it..I need to learn to relax more..I have been way too up tight lately! Great pics too…

  4. Bridget We need to always do our best in bringing up our children in Christ and hope and pray they remember it. I don't feel guilty when a child of mine makes a wrong decision just sad that they need to learn a new lesson! I love watching your children grow! Thanks for sharing with us. Mrsfuddie πŸ˜‰

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