Posted by: purityseekers | September 26, 2008

Sew Crafty Friday…

I am hoping that I see Shereen has made it to her new home!!  She hasn’t been online so there is no Sew Crafty post on her blog yet 😦  I’m going to post anyway and hope I hear from her soon!!  I miss her!!!

This week I finished up the 2nd leg of the striped longies I’ll be selling.  Just have to graft the gusset and make the i-cord…

And I started my middle son’s mitten.  He wanted them to be his favorite color ORANGE and he also wanted some stripes of brown.  Well, turns out that what I THOUGHT was brown is actually a brownish purple (as I saw in the natural light outside this AM!!!) but I still think he will like them!  And they are turning out larger than the other mittens because I am using Peace Fleece and it knits at a larger gauge.  Although they seem big, it will allow for felting after he plays in the snow a lot this winter!

And my friend, Summer, is having a surprise baby shower in 2 weeks (she doesn’t use the internet, so I can divulge this info!! hehe) and I am knitting her up a few things.  First is a pair of longies using soft acrylic since she probably won’t use them as a diaper cover.

I got a few other skeins to use my favorite dishcloth pattern to make her some baby washcloths πŸ™‚  The yarn was on sale at Walmart for $1.50 a skein!!!  So buying 4 skeins only cost me $6 and she is going to get lots of stuff from it!!! 

And this has nothing to do with craftiness… but here are 4 of the kids this AM saying goodbye to our 3 cats (Mama and her 2 kittens) since they are all getting fixed today πŸ™‚

We’ve been joking that it’s Coco’s first sleepover… unfortunately it’s not a fun one 😦  But the boys will be home tonite at 5 πŸ™‚ 

Since we have schooled hard this week and have gotten some schoolwork done this AM, we are heading to Summer’s so the kids can play with her 6 kids!  We are planning on them playing outside if it gets a bit nicer out or they’ll be doing inside things including some puzzles, drawing, etc!  Should be a fun day!!

Hope you all had a great week!!  Love, Bridget



  1. Hi, it's Mom2fur ( I love your projects! And I hope the kittycats are doing well!

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