Posted by: purityseekers | September 25, 2008

Spelling Curriculum

I just wanted to share with you a great spelling program we bought this year.  It’s called SEQUENTIAL SPELLING  and it’s AWESOME!!  I’d love to hear from those of you who’ve tried it, but would like to give my little accessment so far 🙂

The program has been just an awesome blessing for my 2 older kids, ages 11 and 7.  My oldest has always struggled with spelling (typical of many boys) and my 7 year old catches on more quickly and retains the words better (typical of many girls)… so this works wonderfully for both!

So far, I’ve done the lesson once a day and today we did DAY #18.  I am probably going to start doing a lesson in the AM and then another in the afternoon, like the course encourages.  That way, if you do the short lessons EVERYday and do 2… you can actually finish 4 levels in one year! 

To sum up the program, after the first few days it increases to 25 words a day that the child writes as you say them.  No practicing or tests at the END of the week… it’s a test everyday with words they may know and many they’ve never seen or even heard of! 

I write the words on the chalkboard after they both try to write them.  AND I write the different parts of the word with different colored chalk.  Say the word is PLANNING.  I’d write the beg. blend "PL" with one color, "ANN" with another (stressing to the kids the importance of doubling the consanant before adding the ending!), and then "ING" in another color.

At first the program seemed easy to my oldest son.  There were only 4 words the first day; "in", "pin", "sin", and "spin".  Simple.  But then by the time day 4 came along, they had already progressed to "thins", "pinning", "skinned", etc.  And they REALLY got it!!! 

Now on day #18, they’ve covered all sorts of different words and are just loving it!!!  Today’s words included "women", "Ben’s", "wouldn’t", "eyes".  They’ve covered contractions, capitalizing names, ownership, homophones like "we" and "wee" or "wood" and "would".  And if we had done 2 lessons a day, that would have only been a bit over 2 weeks!

Skipping up to DAY #100… to skip up to where they may be in about a month (I’ll skip to day #80— figuring if they did every single day during the week and 2 lessons)— they’d be doing words like…

"doesn’t", "really", "weren’t", "revealing", "The Steelers" and more!  In only 1-2 months!!  I don’t know many 2nd graders doing such words, and will be so proud of my 6th grader who struggles with spelling!!! 

So, if anyone out there has children that are struggling with spelling…this is a great thing to try!

And the price is a great one at about $140 for all 7 levels and 7 free response books!  And to give you an idea of what type of words you are on when you get to the 7th book, I’ll open mine now and share some of the words at the end of the book.

"Sepulcher", "technique", "eccentricity", "pyschiatric", "architecturally", "temporal", "indoctrination", are words covered in the last few lessons!  I say that is pretty darn good!

Well, hope that encourages someone out there!  I’ll be really curious to see how much my oldest son improves by the time he takes his assessment test at the beginning of the year!  I’ll make sure to keep you up to date on our progress!! 

🙂 Bridget



  1. You are doing a wonderful job! I'm thrilled that this program is working so well for you. Keep up the great work!

  2. We use Sequential Spelling and LOVE IT!!! I recommend it to everyone who asks the never-ending question, "What do you do for spelling?" I often have it with me, since we "do" school when we are out and about too, so I pull out the books and let the person asking have a look. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful – I'm so glad you are using it too! 🙂

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