Posted by: purityseekers | September 19, 2008

Sew Crafty Friday and other things…

I have been so busy lately that I don’t get on here that often, but I always like to make sure to post for Sew Crafty Friday.  We have finished our homeschooling for the day and the kids are doing quiet things, so I thought I’d take some time to post an entry.

I’ve only done one thing this week for crafties.  I’ve started a pair of striped longies to sell on my Etsy store.  1 pair I made a couple weeks back is ready to post on my shop and another is ALMOST ready to post, so I plan to post all 3 longies at once!

Here’s the recent pair which will be listed as a 12-18 month size…

If you have anything crafty to share or just want to see what others have done, make sure to visit Shereen’s blog… WAITING FOR HIM 🙂

My kids spent some time the other day building a "KITTY CLUBHOUSE" for our cats.  What looks like a big pile of mess, is actually a huge work of art for them!

Each child played their part by stringing bead toys, making a sign, picking flowers for decorations etc.

and believe it or not…the cats LOVED it!!

My oldest son has been busy all week at the "Y" swimming.  He had to go to a clinic 5 nights in a row (tonite is the last) and then he’ll be placed on the team at his appropriate level!  He is LOVING it!!!

My husband is also loving it!!  He has purchased him all the cool things a swimmer needs; Speedos, racing goggles, a cool wetbag!  And he not only takes him to all practices in the evening, but also has gotten him up a couple mornings to either run or go to the "Y" to practice.  They are really having a great time experiencing it together.

I took this pic of them before they left in the morning the other day to practice.  It was just a hair after 6AM!  Just another benefit of homeschooling!  He didn’t have to hurry back to catch a bus… he just came home and ate a nice hearty breakfast and THEN started his schoolwork! 

I’m going to try to get some good pix of him tonite at the "Y", but I have these pics my husband took the other night of him diving.  It was their first diving lesson!  He was proud because some kids got scared and would do cannonballs, but he dove right in.  It wasn’t perfect, but he went head first so that was cool!

3 pix in the order he dove! (in the 2nd one he was diving into a ring and you can see he improved as he practiced!)

OK… one more thing to share about and then I have to go and have some quiet time and read God’s word for a while!

Freebies.  Any one else love them?? haha There is just something fun about getting the mail and finding something free.  I receive emails from a place called "" and they give you the most current free trials offered by different companies.  I joined a month or so ago and sign up for at least one thing each day.  Many are freebies offered through Walmart, but there are also many random samples offered through other places.

I thought I’d take a picture of the freebies I’ve received so far for fun.  (AND because my son wants to use the Juicy Juice sippy cup!)  Included here is the sippy cup (which is really nice with a stopper too!), a GeoTrax DVD, a sample of 3 tampons (that my youngest got into and I found all pulled apart on my bed haha), a Fiber One cereal sample and energy bar, a potty training DVD, 2 Charmin Big Rolls extenders (that don’t work on our TP holder…bummer!!!), a pad sample, a shampoo and conditioner sample, a "Milk Matters" coloring book and a free Pull up!  FUN FUN!!

Goodbye for now!  Love, Bridget




  1. I adore those striped longies! What yarn is that?


  2. that cat house cracked me up. Sooo creative.

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