Posted by: purityseekers | September 6, 2008

My "E"s Prince Breakfast (age:3)

My "baby" turned 3 today!!  We had his "Prince Breakfast" this AM and he had 2 extra breakfast guests since his 2 cousins, Audric & Nouvelle, were here!  So, with his siblings and 2 cousins the table was FULL!!

Have fun looking at his pictures!



  1. Oh Happy Birthday little one. We just had an other birthday too on Sep 3, she turned 4. Looks like you and I are pregnant around the same times. Take care Bridget


  2. I think it's so neat that you do the Prince breakfasts. That will be a neat thing they remember about their childhood when they grow up.

    I finally put up a new post. I showed off a picture of what you sent and a few pics of the socks I'm knitting. Woo Hoo! I put aside the baby pants because I don't like the needles I bought (I have new ones coming) and even though the pattern calls for size 7 needles I think I should have opted for size 8.

    I already have my next couple of projects planned too. Connor wants some socks next. Then, I want to make the baby blanket that the First Lady of President Hoover used to make, the pattern is at Thanks for all the inspiration! I will have to throw in a crochet pattern here and there so I don't forget my roots, LOL.

    Take Care!
    Nicole (

  3. Oh such cute pictures. I can't believe he is three!!!

    BTW I am waiting on my letter from you little Missy!!!!

  4. Looks like a fun time. Can't wait to meet your littles in person!

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