Posted by: purityseekers | August 14, 2008

Popsicle Recipe…

**** update… although some people may like the taste of the "honeydew lime" pops I show below… we did NOT!! haha The taste was not very "limey" and the honeydew alone gave it a kinda gross taste.  SO… not recommending it unless you are a honeydew lover!! ****

My kids fought over "lime" pops in the last box of popsicles we bought.  So…I got to thinking.  When I was a kid my Mom had a Tupperware popsicle thingy that you could use to make your own pops.  I loved it, but we always used OJ and once you sucked the juice out it was just boring old ice!  (but back then to us it was awesome and the Tupperware gadget was SO fun!!  We DID make other pops using other stuff at times.  My goodness I think we even made pickle juice pops once!! GROSS!!!! haha)

And today I grabbed the box of pops out of the fridge to read the ingredients.  They DO have "real fruit" but also have a bunch of other stuff in them including water, sugar, corn syrup, pectin, guar gum, etc.  I like knowing that (aside from the honeydew- lime pops below since I added a bit of sugar LOL) mine will have no added ingredients especially lots of sugar!  The Edy’s pops FIRST ingredients were "water & sugar" which tells me THAT is what they mostly are!! 

I recently picked up a couple pop makers and thought it would be fun to test different pop recipes!  The other day I just mixed apple juice and frozen organic raspberries and they came out really yummy! 

But the "lime" thing was what got me thinking yesterday.  So I went online and found a recipe for "honeydew-lime pops".

I bought the fruit…(and totally OVERbought on limes…I only needed 2 to make the 2/3 cup!)

Then I cut up the whole melon and squeezed the 2 limes… (my 2/3 cup was ALMOST full so I just squeezed the heck out of the limes I had just squeezed and it made up the difference!

You wouldn’t HAVE to do this part, but I did.  In a saucepan I melted 1/4 c. of sugar into 1/4 c. of filtered water and then put 1/2 the melons and lime juice in the blender.  After blending them I added the sugar water, then added the rest of the fruit and juice and smoothed them all up good!  (although I added sugar, it ends up to be only a small amount per pop and I just added it to take the tartness away a bit from the limes!)

It said to put it through a seive, so I put mine in my colander and there was just a bit of the foamy melon left.  This is what the juice looked like…my favorite color!

I was able to fill the 4 crayon pops and 2 of the red covered pops (I had 2 of the apple juice/raspberries pops left)…

and I made 3 more out of 3 small cups…

If I were to write down MY ingredients, they would be:

Honeydew melons, limes, water & sugar.  MUCH better!

I found a great "fudgsicle" recipe I’ll be trying after these are gone!!  Instead of some recipes that call for instant pudding… I am making these from scratch using heavy cream, whole milk, cocoa, etc.  I’ll post it in a few days!!!

🙂 Bridge



  1. Less honeydew, more lime. Doesn't take a scientist. :o)

  2. Oh these look delicious! Thanks for the tutorial!

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