Posted by: purityseekers | August 7, 2008

Encouraging Group…

Shereen, from "Waiting for Him" (she does the Sew Crafty Friday too!) has a yahoo group that I have found SOOO encouraging!!! 

Heavenly Homemakers

Each day we post a list of our daily "things to do" (either a small undetailed list or a very detailed list that you can compile and copy to the email each day—whatever your preference) and through the day we just pop on and copy our list to a new email and update on our progress with red DONE‘s 🙂  It’s fun and super encouraging!!!!

Here is my list for today (I haven’t done my master detailed list yet!)

* order Sequenstial Spelling 1-7 online DONE
* kids all ready for day DONE
* make beds
* trip to laundry room #1 DONE
* trip to laundry room #2 DONE
* trip to laundry room #3 DONE
* trip to laundry room #4 DONE
* clean off desk and organize EVERYTHING on it (pray for me! haha) I DID IT!!!!  DONE!!!!!!! *** SEE PIX BELOW!!!
* make list of things to make for kids for Fall / Winter
* Sweep kitchen, bath & hardwood floors DONE
* Mop kitchen, bath & hardwood floors DONE
* Email Christine
* Email Mom DONE
* Email Shereen DONE
* Quiet time- Pray, Read God’s Word **I will be spending some quiet time with the Lord tonite 🙂
* Plan toddler "school activity" boxes (list of needed things) PARTIALLY DONE

For instance, today I had "organize my desk" as a task that I just wasn’t getting motivated to finishing!!!  But Shereen responded to one of my updates and brought up the desk and asked how it was going?  It was JUST the push I needed to realize I was procrastinating BIG TIME!!!  So I took a "before" and "after" picture to post with my last update of the day…this is what I sent to the group…



I am so thankful to have finished and would NEVER have done it if it wasn’t for Shereen’s encouragement!!!

So, pop over to her group and join!!  It’s really great!


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