Posted by: purityseekers | August 1, 2008

Sew Crafty Friday…

This week I decided to create a pattern for a knit swaddle cozy thinga-majigy that I saw online 🙂  I loved the whole concept of it and knew I’d have fun coming up with a pattern and making it my own!!  I am calling my cozy a "BEAN POD" to go along with our store name, "Homegrown Beans" 🙂  It is great for swaddling a newborn, using along with a sling for added warmth on chilly days, or just for cuddling even with hood off and arms pulled out!

Here are a couple pix (I had posted them a few days ago too, but will re-post them so I don’t have to send you off to a different link!)… P.S. (I had my daughter’s Build-A-Bear Frog as a model… sorry it’s not exactly true to life! haha)

And since a REAL baby’s eyes aren’t on the top of their head… they’ll actually be able to see out the opening! haha

With hood off, but still swaddled…

And I ended up adding and i-cord to the bottom so it could be cynched up!

I sold it as a "tester" on my Etsy shop to my friend, Tammie in Alaska, and I can’t wait to get pictures of her daughter in it so I can post them!!!  I’ll be selling more of them eventually!  I think they’ll be the perfect thing to stock for the upcoming Fall & Winter!

The other day my son had his King’s Birthday Breakfast and I made him an orange cloth napkin…

And here’s the crown my oldest son helped me decorate.  I made it with yellow cardstock and added velcro 😉

I will be trying to finish these today to sell on my shop.  They are a newborn pair of longies…(using the leftover yarn from the set I made from friend, Katherine, for her son Luka)

Go over to Shereen’s Blog and see what others have been up to!

🙂 Bridget 



  1. Hi, mom2fur of here. Happy Birthday to your son! And that frog looks very comfy. What a clever idea!

  2. You have been busy. I love seeing the special birthday breakfasts that you do for your children. I am think of doing something like that for my children as well. I love your shop. I wish I had the money to buy a couple of pair of longies for my youngest son for fall. What type of yarn do you use? I am think of having a friend knit them up for me….I want to learn, but haven't taken the time yet. 😀

    PS…once the longies are knitted…what do you have to do to them…if anything…before using them with cloth diapers?



  3. my daughter saw the BAB Frog in it and wants one for hers. So funny. Beautiful job.

  4. Once again you are impressive! I love the Bean Pod! I hope you sell a TON of them. I'm also in love with your longies. That's great that they are your original pattern. You are inspiring me to try hand knitting again so I think I'm going out to buy a set of needles with my birthday money. I have all this sock yarn, a book on how to knit socks, and lots of ambition. LOL. And if doesn't work out for me I can always make them up on my sock loom. I have my stuff for sew crafty friday up at if you want to see. I'm especially proud of the socks!

  5. Oh I love seeing the special birthday celebrations you have for your children! What precious memories you are creating in their hearts!

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