Posted by: purityseekers | July 30, 2008

"A"s King's Breakfast Photos

Our little "Noogie" is 6 today!! 

This AM we did his King’s Breakfast and he had so much fun!

Before I post about his breakfast, I wanted to post a cute pic of his little brother "E" before bed last night.  He always climbs onto my bed and we either play cars or read a book before he nurses.  He brought plastic shapes with him last night and had fun making squares out of 2 triangles…

Anyway, once the younger kids were in bed, my husband left with our oldest son and went "Breakfast" shopping.  They also had a few small gifts to buy for him to open!

I had cut out a crown pattern from a Simplicity Nativity Pattern I had gotten at Salvation Army a while back.  It’s a sewing pattern, but the crown is to be made with a heavy cardboard.  I used yellow cardstock 🙂

While they were gone I got out his dishes and washed them and set out his placemat and candles. 

He didn’t have his own cloth napkin, so I made the one above just by sewing 2 squares right sides together leaving a hole to turn and then I turned it and topstitched around the edge.  Easy and fast!  (and orange!  His favorite color!)

Then when my oldest got home, he helped me finish the crown by adding the jewels they bought…

The finished Royal Crown

When he woke up, he was happy to see a fresh pineapple on the counter!  He decided to put in on his plate! haha

One of the kittens was curious so I snapped this shot before shooo’ing him off the table!

Mama with her sweet boy after he had opened his gifts…

The Kings Breakfast Menu Choices:

Cinnamon rolls, fresh pineapple, fresh oranges, mandarin oranges, a juice with mango in it (so Daddy got Orange, Peach, Mango!) and a chocolate ice cream milkshake!  MMMMMM

The Royal Siblings eating breakfast with the King…

I had them all raise their hands and yell "Happy Birthday!!!!!"

The Royal Milkshake…

And his special gift from Daddy was to go to work with him for the day!!!  He was SOOOOO happy!!!  Here they are ready to go… (they’ve called a few times and he’s having a blast!!  Before they drove anywhere else, they went to the local Hallmark store so he could pick out a new Webkinz stuffed animal.  I think he picked the tiger! Then they were traveling to 2 of the stores he reps for and then eating at Ruby Tuesdays!!)

"Happy Birthday" Noog!  We love you!!!



  1. Happy Birthday! It looks like our boys are a day apart, so we were going through the same things 6 years Aren't they wonderful You are doing a great job, keep it up

  2. That looks like a birthday he won't forget. What a great way to celebrate.

  3. Hi Bridget – just wanted to let you know I "lifted" your etsy logo and put it on my blog, hopefully it will route some extra traffic to your site. 🙂 I have Susan & Kathy's logo on there, so thought I'd just make a go of advertising for everyone I know. 🙂 Let me know if this isn't okay with you…

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