Posted by: purityseekers | July 29, 2008

Knit Pattern I use for Pants & New Item I'll be selling…

Someone commented on my Sew Crafty Friday post and asked me what knit pant pattern I use for my knit pants! (please let me know who you are! 😉

I use a combination of patterns because I have tried a few and just kinda do my own thing now.

My first and favorite pattern (especially due to it being free and the woman allows you to sell them if you want to!) is the AUBREY DOODLEPANTS PATTERN.

It took me a while when I decided to try to knit them.  You need to know basic knitting (knit and purl stitches), how to knit "in the round", how to do "short rows" (if you are making them for kids with chunky cloth diapered buns!), and you need to know how to "graft" stitches using the kitchener stitch method (to close the crotch).  I pretty much just toughed my way through it and made some mistakes along the way.  I had a hard time understanding it when I started because I was a beginner.  BUT, after I did my first pair, I felt I could actually move myself up to "intermediate" due to all the stuff I learned!! haha

After a couple Doodlepants, I bought the "Perfection Pants" pattern and got addicted to "gussets" (for the crotch). 

Wait… you know what?  I lied.  Doodlepants weren’t my first!  It was actually the Tiny Bird Pants I tried first! That is also a free pattern!  I was very happy with them, but I had to "seam" parts of it and HATED that!!!  I do ANYTHING I can to get away from seaming!!!  Like the hat I knit for my SIL’s sister, Debra.  (you can click THIS LINK and scroll down to see the blue hat my son is modeling! haha) That was a "seam" hat knit on straight needles and I used my thinkin’ cap (NOT a common thing for me haha) and I turned the pattern into an "in the round" cap.  It works up a lot faster that way and NO SEAMS!!

If anyone wants any help knitting a pair of longies, (or knitting anything, for that matter), feel free to ask me anything anytime!  I’d give free knitting lessons if I could just find some takers!!  Knitting is just one of those things that the more you do, the better you get.  All of a sudden, you just "get it".  I NEVER could have imagined creating my own designs or anything (and I never have really created much from scratch) but I can see something and get an idea how it was made and kinda figure out how to wing it.

My friend, Tammie, had shown me a picture of a baby cozy she had purchased, and with the help of my niece (THANKS HALEY!!!), we figured out how it must have been knit and then I designed my own pattern for one!

I am going to be posting about it on Sew Crafty Friday, but I’ll show you now too.  I am calling it a "Bean Pod" and will be selling them on our Etsy Store, Homegrown Beans!  What it is used for is for swaddling newborns and for aiding in warmth while slinging your young baby!  I LOVED the idea and just HAD to try to make my own pattern! 

This is just a tester that I’ll be selling for a lower price just until I know that someone has used it and thinks it’s perfect just the way it is.  IF it needs any changes, I will try again and keep trying until it IS as perfect as I can get it!!

I am just in love with it though!!!  Tammie said she loves hers except her baby is too long for it and her toes peek out!  So I made mine longer and am putting and i-cord at the bottom!  And she said she sometimes pulls her daughter’s arms out and leaves the hood off while she’s in the sling!  That helps to make it work for babies that don’t like to be swaddled and for those who DID but don’t want to be weeks later!  I can’t wait to see pictures of her in her cozy!!!  She had them done professionally but they aren’t back yet! 

The best I have for pictures is a Build-A-Bear Frog of my oldest daughters.  Ok.  So he’s a frog and he’s kinda fat and not really the exact size of a newborn BUT it’ll help show it’s stretch and give you at least an idea of how it works!

Here’s my 1st Bean Pod (I used 50% wool and 50% acrylic), but will be using 100% wool (the soft stuff, not the itchy stuff!!!) in the future once I perfect the pattern! (and I’ll be most likely hand dying the wool for added uniqueness!) THAT way it will be soft, warm, & great for cloth diapered babies too!  If I had an infant, I would use one with a cloth diaper alone and forget using a cover!!  That’s just MY opinion!

Anyway…here’s a sneak peek:

Mr. Frog…um…I mean "baby newborn in-need-of swaddling" Frog…

All swaddled and hood on!  (sorry… his eyes are on his head so it looks funny!! haha)

Hood off and arms out!

Swaddled but without the hood (the hood makes a soft little pillow!)

So, what do ya’ll think?  (I did the "ya’ll" just for Katherine! haha)  I can’t wait to start knitting more!!  They were a really fun knit!

Well, that’s all for now!!

🙂 Bridge



  1. I know a certain Dostie Baby that needs at least one of these!!! The count down has begun 13 days till IT is revealed! I hope anyway.

  2. I was just going to ask you how to order some of your items. I just love your handiwork. It is so beautiful. I can't wait to visit your store. Thanks for sharing that.

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