Posted by: purityseekers | July 25, 2008

Sew Crafty Friday and Misc. Pix…

It’s Friday already?  I almost forgot!!!!

Pop on over to Shereen’s blog and see what others have been up to for crafties…


And before I go on… just a friendly reminder to enter my contest!!


OK…I mostly just knit this week!  My week was consumed with lots of random things and we went to visit my niece mid week, so I never once sat down at my sewing machine!!  I am having some slight withdrawals, but nothing a little sewing can’t cure maybe tomorrow 🙂

I finally knit a longie, hat & sock set I am making for my friend, Katherine!  I can’t wait to see her little guy, Luka, in it!!!

(I had finished the longies and socks and posted them last week… but knit the hat this week)

This is my daughter’s doll modeling the cute hat.  I had to turn up the brim because this baby has a small head! haha

And this is the complete set…

And I wanted to make some fun hats for my SIL’s sister, Debra, who is undergoing chemo.  (please pray for healing for her!!!)

You can read a bit about her on my brothers missionary blog.  She was in Costa Rica, at the same language school as my brother and SIL, when she found out she had cancer.

Blog Post About Debra Leaving Costa Rica

She may have her hair back by the end of the year, but these will help her have something to keep her warm during the cool months!  (She has a beautiful wig that she wears when she’s out and about and she looks SO beautiful wearing it!!!)

Since she told me she was one of the "tiny head people" haha I tried it on my middle son to see how it fit him…

looks pretty darn cute! (and I actually tried it on myself and it fits well!  I am also one of the THP 🙂

I used this pattern INSIDE OUT CHEMO CAP and am really happy with how it turned out!!  I can’t wait to give it to her!!  If it fits and she likes it, I will make her another one!

That’s what I’ve been up to!  Now I’ll just post a couple little pix…

The other day my youngest fell asleep with one of our kittens.  It’s hard to see "Caspian", but he’s right there snoozin’ with "E" and they were both stretched right out and SO comfy!

This is my goldfish plant!  My Mom gave me a rooted piece of hers a few years ago and it never grew any "goldfish".  THIS YEAR though… it has grown a bunch!  And then once the older ones die… there are more in their place!!!  I love it!!!

When we visited my niece this week, the kids loved the chalk art in her driveway!  They just HAD to go out and add to the "hands" and "feet" and then they got some good pix for me!

I love the little hands!!!

And I had taken some time off from the "index card" chores due to just getting overwhelmed with trying to keep a routine during the busy summer!  I will start it right back up as soon as we start schooling again!

Anyway… Sunday morning (after we had held my nieces bday party here on Sat.) my oldest son said "what are the chores in the chore envelopes?"

Hm.  I told him I didn’t put any chores in.  I cracked up when I read each child’s TWO chores…

#1 Build a rocket ship

#2 Star in a Hollywood Movie

#3 Become an Entrapraneur

#4 Discover Cold Fusion

#5 Locate the memory center of the brain

#6 Discover new lands

#7 Discover a new solar system

and #8 Discover a new species that is previously undiscovered

I knew RIGHT off that my niece’s husband must be behind it!!  I was right 🙂

Thanks for the laughs, Nate 🙂

That’s all for now!! 

🙂 Bridge



  1. Hi, Mom2fur here. What a busy week you had! Your projects turned out great, and I bet your friend will love her hat. Your little guy snoozing with the kitty is just too sweet.
    And maybe I missed it on the chores list, but what about discovering the secret of perpetual motion? Or is that on the agenda for next week?

  2. I love what you have been working on. As all ways you inspire me. Take care, you are doing a wonderfull job.

  3. I absolutely love the knitting. What is the pattern you used for the pants? Would it be alright for an intermediate beginner? You're little boy with the kitty is SOOOOOO cute. My kitty sleeps with me that way too. Thanks for sharing! I have my sock that I knit on my knitting loom up if you want to take a peek. Thanks for sharing your stuff!

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