Posted by: purityseekers | July 21, 2008

CONTEST :) My 2nd blog anniversary is coming up!!!


I have posted pictures of the 3 gifts that I’ll be giving away for my contest.  If you click HERE you can view them before entering!  Thanks!!! 🙂 Bridget

On August 20th it will be my 2nd year of blogging here at HSB and I am running another contest!  I will be adding contest entry names to a hat and at the end of the contest I will draw three names and they will be awarded some fun prizes!

Last year, on July 20th, I posted a "1 Year Anniversary" contest.  Here are the 3 posts if you wanna check ’em out (you may have to scroll down on a few to find the actual contest stuff)





My rules have changed a little this year, but it’s still very simple.  First, you have post about my contest on your blog.  Second, you have to visit our new Etsy store (mine and my nieces), "Homegrown Beans" and check it out.  And Third, you have to comment to this post and leave a link to your blog entry about my contest AND leave me a little HONEST feedback about our store!

Our store is very new so we have only a few things listed.  We will be selling all sorts of different handmade items in the upcoming weeks!  I have a line of fabric fake food I am creating and will be listing it very soon.  I am going to be posting "testers" at a lower price so people can try out the toys and let me know how their kids like them!

If you go to the end of my last post (link below), you can see some of the fake foods I’ve created and get a glimpse of the little picnic testers I’ll be selling.


So, get the word out there and tell as many people as you can!!!  GOOD LUCK!!! 

Thank you!!!  🙂 Bridget



  1. Hello Bridget! Here is my bloggie link

    Love the store. I so wish I had a child in diapers so I could use some longies! (What am I saying? Who actually wishes to have a child in diapers?). I do love those longies though! How cute! I think the fabric food is cool too. So much easier to store nice and flat!

    Love the store. Love the name. Making stuff for our beans! How cute is that? God's blessings on your new venture! I hope to get around to getting an Etsy store made one of these days too. We'll see. 🙂

  2. Hey Love it!!!! Happy Aniversary my friend. Your items in your store are so cute. You and your nieces are doing a great job. by psalm127 on Jul. 21, 2008 at 3:30 PM

  3. Hey there Bridget. I got you up on my blog for the giveaway.
    I love your Etsy store. I still wish I could knit. Sniff sniff. : ( I love you girl. I am looking forward to your letter.

  4. Hey there Bridget. I got you up on my blog for the giveaway.
    I love your Etsy store. I still wish I could knit. Sniff sniff. : ( I love you girl. I am looking forward to your letter.

  5. Hi Bridget!

    I have posted about your contest at (I'm not sure how to make this a link in a comment, sorry). I like the store. I'm sure you have the right of it, but I would never pay so much for longies. Of course, I am cheap and would just make a pair myself. Good luck selling your items!


  6. Thanks for letting me know about the contest! I love the shop – and I linked to your entry here:

    I like the Etsy shop! I love love love the shopping bags – though it would be nice to see more homespun fabric styles there. (Just my personal preference, of course – I'm old fashioned!)

    BTW – I checked out the entry with your fake food (which my kids would love – have you thought about fake pizza?) and I want to comment about the reuseable pantyliners – put those in the shop! I'm looking to get some in the future months, when things settle down financially around here, and I love both of your patterns – particularly, the buttons and/or snaps. Most I've found online don't have "wings" – and I'm a wing girl. ;-P
    You could sell them individually – or in packs of 7 – btw, I loved the ones in the red/white/blue fabric – just my cup of tea. 🙂

    Good luck with the shop – and congrats on 2 years of blogging! Way to go! 🙂


  7. Hi!

    I love all the wool longies, especially the ones with the ruffle. How cute are they? The shop looks great although the price for the longies seem a little high to me, although I admit I don;t know what they are going for other places.

    I am posting about the contest on my blog right now:

  8. Great prizes. I love the orange one. Anyway, here's a link to my blog.
    I've posted about your contest. 🙂
    Also, your store is great. You are extremely talented! I can barely sew on a button.Edited by carolina on Aug. 19, 2008 at 4:39 PM

  9. I've been enjoying your blog for quite some time. Thanks for sharing your talent.
    I have visited your store before, but just for the contest, I took another look. I really like your reversible bags so I'm hoping to win one.
    You can visit my blog at

    Thanks for the contest!

  10. Love your new store and LOVE the bags. It would be great to win any of them, but I especially like the orange. I've blogged about your contest –

  11. Hi! You know I love your stuff. You and your niece have some lovely things in the shop. I read the profile and one sentence didn't make sense to me. "We require delivery confirmation will all orders." Is it just because it's VERY late that I think that sentence is not right? I don't know. I posted about your contest on my sew crafty friday post. Thanks! (Gosh, I'm tired!)

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