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Sew Crafty Friday (and 4th of July catchup photos)

Yikes…I have a lot of catchin’ up to do!!  Isn’t that the story of my life???? 

I missed last week’s Sew Crafty post, so I am going to post that here and then try to catch up photos over the course of a few posts so I don’t bog people’s computers down!!!

We had a great 4th of July 🙂  I had posted about some of the things I had made for the kids to wear, but didn’t post all the pix I had planned on posting.

I showed the fabric I was using to make the girls their shorts but didn’t post the shorts (shortened bloomers) themselves…

These are my youngest daughters, but she ended up wearing the red shorts I showed last SCF post…

My oldest daughter loved hers 🙂  Here she is in her 4th of July outfit along with the candy bag I made her for the parade…(I showed that in my last post too) (I had ironed on the flag on her shirt but was SO bummed out that when she got it wet the next time she wore it…it fell off!!!  UGH!!!)

Here’s my little pipsqueak with her bag (made from the same fabric as the shorts)

a closer look…

And after I made my older boys their bags (out of 3 of my husbands old knit jersey shirts in the colors, of course… RED, WHITE & BLUE)… I had to make my littlest guy his.  You can see that I left the top button part on one section just to look cute…

And here’s the clan ready to go to the parade and get CANDY!!!!

Oh… and Mama needed a new bag too to carry around her knitting.  I attempted a pattern that called for a "french seam" and I was NOT paying attention to the rather easy directions and spaced it and when I was done… the seam was very visible.  Oh well… it’s unique, right? (and I made sure to take a picture that didn’t show how bad the sides look!!!) 

I was able to use more of the blue star fabric up and some other bandana fabric I had…

Waiting for the parade with Grampa and Dad…

Making good use of their candy bags!!! 

My little "E" making a cute face while he munches his parade candy… (dig the shades?)

And "L" was totally being a Mini-Me by multi-tasking.  Here she is with a bag full of candy, her hands full and toting her baby (her naked baby LOL) around at the same time!!  It was so cute!!  She did not put her down once and at one point was eating a freeze pop too!  What a Mama she is!!!

We have a family picture taken each year…

****Ok…I took a time out and went on a little trip down memory lane 🙂  I managed to find a few of my older 4th of July pix.  You HAVE to promise you won’t laugh at the incredibly geeky ones of me!!! haha  I am missing a year or 2… but it’s fun to watch the family grow!

I had to scan the 1st two because it was before I had a digital camera!!!  Wow… how did I ever survive????

2000…This was the year my husband and I were married.  "C" had his first 4th of July with his awesome Step Dad (who is "Dad" now!!!)  That’s my Mom to the left 🙂  We always meet my parents in the same spot to watch the parade…

2001… our family of TWO at the parade…

I told you now to laugh, right??? hahaha

2003 (I can’t find a 2002 pic!!!!)  Our family of THREE celebrating at the parade.  What is up with my hair?????  And look at Troy! haha  Smile, tattoo boy, smile!!! 

We zip up again… I couldn’t find a 2004 pic.

2005… ( I was pregnant with #5)

2006… our family of 5…(I think it’s cool that you can see the same church in the last this pic and the 2 before it)

2007…. I get tears in my eyes to see how fast our family has grown up!!!  This years picture I am not holding anyone!  We are always right by the busy street and this was the first year I didn’t feel stressed!  The kids were all so well behaved and so cautious!  Even "E" who is not 3 yet was just awesome!

awwww…that was so fun!!!

Ok…back to business!!!

Here are a few more things I’ve been up to over the last couple weeks:

I finished the pair of longies I’ve been making for my friend, Kath’s baby (He was born on July 1!!!  Welcome to the world, Luka!!!)

Look at this cute little guy!!!  He is Katherine’s 1st boy!!!! 

What a great lookin’ family!!!!  I miss you and love you, guys!!!! 

Luka’s longies…

And I finished the matching socks 🙂  Now all I have left is the hat and it’ll be ready to mail!

This is a turkish string bag I am making for myself 🙂  I love it and can’t wait to u
se it!!!

A while back I tried to make some mama pads and didn’t do a very good job.  Well, I decided I’d try again!  My 1st attempt…(I thought they came out really cute!!!)  Pardon me if this is TMI… but I use a Diva Cup so it’s nice to go completely disposable free!!!  These little numbers are a good addition to my Diva addiction!!

Alright… my husband found this one and put it with our cloth diapers… I wonder why??? hahaha

Definitely not as cute as the others, but it’s meant for overnight and is made with a wash cloth as the backing.  This is what it looks like when it’s ready to wear…

I use buttons because I don’t like to do snaps and don’t have a snap machine!

But then I went to my nieces and we made a pattern I like even better!!!  Thanks, Haley, for sharing your fabric!!

And now I would like your honest opinions.  I have been working on creating original patterns for fabric pretend food.  I got the idea a while back to make a piece of baby spinach that would look real… then I went with it and have developed a few more things.  I will be selling a few little "testers" like these so I can get people’s feedback.  I want them to see the real deal!

I’d love to hear any of your feedback too!!  No matter what… my kids love them and I am having fun making stuff for them to play with!

Here is my "Whole Wheat Pita" with organic romaine, baby spinach, tomato & pickle!  The little cloth napkin is also included when I sell them 🙂

And this is my "Whole Wheat Bulky Roll" with the veggies.  I am in the process of creating cheese and meats (for those "non vegetarians" out there hehe)

OK… I have to end here because I just realized the time and I have to be out the door to meet my Mom for a little evening shopping trip!!!

That’s my craftiness…. pop over to Shereen’s blog and check out what others have done!!!

🙂 Bridget




  1. Wow!!!! They all look so good. Beautiful growing family, wonderful shorts, bags, Mama cloths and the food oh man you have talent. Oh and the little baby. I want an other one 😦 Oh well all in God's time. I haven't been able to post much new sense last week. Had hoped for something but my camera died and I am charging batteries. May be this weekend.

  2. You have a lovely family and I enjoyed strolling down memory lane with you.
    I can't believe all the beautiful projects you have made. So very clever. I wish my kids were young so I could get my hands on those adorable play food paks. I hope you will sell tons. They are so clever and washable to boot. Love all the crafts and couldn't pick a favorite.

  3. Hi! I came here via Sew Crafty Friday. Wow! You've gotten alot done! The bloomers and 4th of July candy bags were very cute. So is the play food. I bet your kids are having a ball. Even the sanitary napkins where cool. I loved everything, BUT being the yarnie that I am, I ADORE the knit pants and socks. I think I'm going to have to start practicing again. Right now I crochet and I loom knit. I have my projects up too. Have a great weekend!

  4. I just love your work. I wish I lived close enough to hire you to teach me and the girls. I also think the sewn food idea is great.

    How is your chore chart coming along? Has it worked out well for you? I had to laugh at some of my posts when I thought about what you said, more money spending ideas (he,he). Acutally, I can pass along a Diana Waring cd, Well Kept Secrets, if you like. Anyway, miss hearing from you.

    Edited by momofsix on Jul. 19, 2008 at 3:05 PM

  5. Everything looks wonderful. I love the family pictures and the bags and shorts are just adorable. Great job!


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