Posted by: purityseekers | June 30, 2008

Monday Meanderings / Periodic Chart Pillowcase

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Goodmorning and Happy Monday!  Are you all energized and ready for the week?  I can’t say I am super energized, but I am trying to be motivated this AM.  It’s almost 7am and my youngest has been up since a little before 6.  He climbed into bed and nursed the wee morning hours away and then we got up, I got him some juice and some cereal, and then I headed down to throw in a load of laundry 🙂  THEN I came up and washed the last of the bit of dishes we used last night, started the coffee, and here I sit.

My index card system is going really well!  I sat in bed last night getting all the kids cards organized for today!) My middle son was pretty bummed that we aren’t doing it on weekends, so he was so excited to know that we’d be starting up again today!  And it’s been working great for me too!  I give myself 4 laundry cards, to make sure I go downstairs at least that many times to get laundry going.  It has helped me keep the laundry caught up in good shape!  This AM I went down and threw in a load, and there is just one more load of colored clothes and one load of whites!  I love it!!!  And since I am going to strip beds today, I know they’ll be all washed and dried so I can make up the beds this afternoon!

Now… my struggle; actually FOLDING the laundry!!

haha Right now our smallest couch is COVERED in laundry that we have brought up and dumped in a big pile!  So, I have that task this AM to get that all folded and put away!  One of my kids has the task of being my helper!  Lucky them!! hehe

Here’s my menu plan for the week that I made up yesterday (just dinners)– I’ve included meals from the "Little House Cookbook" to go along with our "Prairie Primer" lesson plan…

MONDAY: **(make bread)

Farmhouse Stew (from the L.H. Cookbook)


Baked Macaroni & Cheese, peas


Homemade Chicken Nuggets & Hush Puppies (from L.H. Cookbook)


Spaghetti & sauce and French Bread (also from L.H. Cookbook)


Whole Wheat Pancakes (Breakfast 4 Dinner) w/ pineapples and mandarin oranges


Homemade Crockpot Chili (w/ shredded cheddar & lots of sour cream!) & Long Grain Rice


Pasta and Veggies

THERE!  I went shopping yesterday afternoon to get all I need for that AND I got a new fabric shower curtain to fancy up our bathroom!  My goal this week is to get a long curtain made to cover our shelving area in there!  I bought some light olive green fabric (one of the striped colors in my curtain) to match and I’ll have to show a picture once I’m done. (Probably Friday for "Sew Crafty Friday")

haha I found this when I was searching for photos.  I wonder if my chemistry teacher had this in his bathroom:

And that reminds me!  I had gotten all the supplies for my oldest son to make a pillowcase like that!!!  It’s really cool, if anyone ever wants to try it, this is the link:

Periodic Pillowcase

I will be doing this week’s lesson plan with the kids from the Prairie Primer!  This week we’ll be reading chapters 10-13 of "Little House in the Big Woods", doing bible lessons on spanking, being known by our deeds, righteousness & honoring your parents, making cheese (which looks super cool… wonder how it will taste!), reading a bunch of books I’ve ordered from the library and lots of other things!

I’ll be catching up on pictures hopefully later on!

Have a great spirit-filled week!!!

🙂 Bridget



  1. It sounds like you have a great week planned, and your menu sounds so yummy!! Have a great week!


  2. Enjoy nursing that little one. I miss that time with mine. I loved doing Prarie Primer. I did it with my oldest children about 10 years ago and did it again with my youngest ones last year. This year we're doing "Further Up and Further In", the Narnia unit study.

  3. It sounds like you have everything so organized. Since I am back on my feet and recovered 100% I am so ready to get back on a routine and have everything organized. I have missed it so much.

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