Posted by: purityseekers | June 23, 2008

Monday Meanderings

I saw "Monday Meanderings" on Tiany’s Blog and I’d really like to start posting on Monday’s about my plans for the week!  I am so thankful to have found this as I was looking at different blogs yesterday! 

 I just recently started the index card organizing of household duties for myself and the kids and have been doing the "Prairie Primer" AND have been doing a mealplan before Monday for the week, so this is the perfect place to blog about my upcoming week!  Thanks, Tiany!!

My goal this week for Prairie Primer is to do bible studies on these topics:




*and negatively comparing ourselves to others

and we’ll read Chapters 5-9 of

and these books:

 And we’ll start this book.  It’s pretty long so I am sure we’ll be reading it for a while…

Each day we will sing a few songs from:

And I’ll be making a few things from this: (and having the kids help)  I added some recipes to my menu plan.  The one thing I wanted in here, the recipe for "Hasty Pudding" is not in this cookbook!  So I hunted and found this recipe online.  "Hasty Pudding Recipe"

 I also got an old book from the library called "The Young Scientist book of the Human Body" that I will be using as an aid to teach my children about "skin".

That’s my plan for the "Prairie Primer" 🙂

I’m also pumped up and ready to continue with our index card organization system!  If you haven’t read about it yet, you can scroll back a few blog posts and see where I got the idea and look at my index card box!

Along with "chores" I also have the kids doing certain schooling things each day such as a math page, penmanship, etc.  They love doing it and then moving their card over to their "DONE" envelope!

I have ZERO appts. this week so I don’t have to worry about HAVING to be anywhere!!  That is such a GREAT feeling!!!

And one more thing.  I am REALLY in desperate need of devotion time for myself!!!  I have NOT been being good about taking that time to sit down and talk with the Lord, read Scripture and just have some quiet time alone in the midst of a busy life with 5 kids!  So, starting this week I am hoping to devote a certain time for just that!  We’ll see how it goes!!

I am really looking forward to going and reading other women’s "Meanderings"! 

Have an awesome God-filled week!!!

Love, Bridget

P.S. (I’m posting my meal plan under this post)



  1. I love weeks with zero appointments! =D

    I loved seeing the "Little House in the Big Woods" cover. It looked exactly like that when I was little!

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