Posted by: purityseekers | June 20, 2008

Sew Crafty Friday / Homemade Pillowcases

I’m just in the knick of time!!!  I can’t believe that it is 7PM and I haven’t done my blog entry for SCF!!!

Pop over to Shereen’s and peek at other’s projects!

Last Friday I posted my entry but then made some pillows for our friend’s children.  I got some fleece and some stuffing and they were SOOO easy I am going to make a bunch for my kids at some point.  Jo-Ann’s was having a good sale on fleece, even the Red Sox pattern!

Here are the finished pillows…

And the incredibly cute recipients!!

This is my "Z"s longtime friend, Gabby…(holding one of our cats kittens, which is now HERS!!! I’ll be blogging about that later!)

This cute little man is Liam, a MAJOR Red Sox fan!!!

And this sweet little thing is Mia… sitting beside my "L"…

Little man "E" decided to whip up a little sewing project…

See what he made me?  Some new capris!!!

Ok… just kiddin’… I actually sewed myself something for a change!!!

Here are a couple pix of the process…

pants cut…

Pocket on…(the white square is a button hole w/ interfacing—there are 2 in the front for the drawstring)

Sewing the casing for the drawsting…

Sewing the drawstring ties…

I like how you attach elastic between the ties!  Very cool!!

I think that’s all I did.  If I did anything else, I am too lazy to go and find anymore pictures!

I spend half the day transferring my digital pix over to my external harddrive and I freed up over 100Gigs of space on my puter!!!  Isn’t that CRAZY????  I had transferred one month of pix onto my other hardrive and then went to delete it and it said "are you sure you want to delete these 3,413 items"??? hahaha I am PHOTO crazy!!!!  My computer "free space" on that pie thingy you can check went from 1/4 to over 3/4 free!  WOO HOO!!!  Now maybe my computer will stop acting so wonky!!!

OK… I’ll go and link to this and then I have to nurse my "little" guy and get him to bed!!!

Have a great weekend!!  šŸ™‚ Bridget


  1. You are so talented Bridget!! I am trying to learn how to sew. TRYING. I have a picture on my blog of my first sewing project. I am not too good at it yet, but I am determined to learn! Your capris are so cute!


  2. The pillows are so cute and I love the capris. You did a great job!


  3. Nice job on those capri's! They look really cute. Looks like your pillows were a hit with the kiddos too.

  4. very cool. The little ones are so precious I just want to give them all hugs. Great job on the pillows and capries. Now did you buy a pattern for the capries or just make it up yourself. I need to make some for my daughters and myself.

  5. I would love to learn to sew, my all time favorite thing to wear are gaucho pants that are not being sold in the long lenght any more. Your capri's are sooo cute what a good job you do! I have not visited your page in a while but I will more frequently. I am still nursing my little one she is now 17 months and I was weaning her until she got sick and I thought that I should keep it up untill she feels better. The pillows are very nice and the pics of the children are great. I have a pet cat, but she in not cuddely with the kids at all so it is nice that your cats are sweet. LOL well all this gabber just to say HI again… šŸ™‚

  6. especially the Red Sox one (I'm a long time fan). What a wonderful use for fleece. I bet they made soft, huggable pillows. The capris are cute and I appreciate you sharing the process. Great job.
    Isn't it amazing how much room we eat up on our computers?
    Have a blessed one.

  7. Great job on the pillows and capris! =D

    Every time my 'puter acts wonky, I do the search and kill (delete). So far, it fixes it every time! LOL!

  8. I've been admiring you work – but I've got to ask, where oh where did you get the lady bug material? I absolutely love lady bugs, and would love to buy some of that material for some shopping bags, and maybe just maybe a hobo purse for myself, LOL! Please, if you could, send an email to me and let me know if you've had it for ages, or if you recently picked it up somewhere – I would so much appreciate it!

    Still praying for you and yours – keeping you close to my heart!


    the_peanut_patch at yahoo dot com

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