Posted by: purityseekers | June 19, 2008

My Family Index Card Organizer Progress…

I have been working really hard on my Family File Box today!  If you didn’t see any previous posts, I got the idea from this blog…


I just LOVE this idea and can’t wait to see how it works!!  I know it will take a bit of tweaking over the next few weeks, but I am really excited about it!

I decided to make a few changes (there’s lots of flexibility with this organizer!) and I also am incorporating my "forever friend", FLYLADY, into my box!

I have to say that I tend to be a perfectionist, so (as I said in a previous post) since I couldn’t find tabbed index cards with the numbers 1-31 OR the monthly tabbed cards, I decided to make my own!

This looks more like an eye exam you have failed miserably at, but it is my little document I made of numbers and months to painstakingly cut out and glued every little piece onto the tabbies…

I am SUCH a perfectionist, that I cringe a bit at the little tiny curled edges on some of the tabs!! haha

So, this AM I started out by deciding what color I would assign to each different thing.  This is what I came up with that worked best for our household…

I was able to find some index cards that were different colors on each side, so all colors are lined except the ones that say "plain" and that is the back of the dual colored cards.

BLUE = jobs using cleaning liquid or water (ex. mopping, baths)

ORANGE = jobs requiring electricity (ex. vacuuming)

LIME GREEN = outside jobs

YELLOW = normal jobs of organizing or tidying up (sweeping, decluttering)

GREEN (plain) = Mama Jobs

PINK = cats & hamster

OLIVE (plain) = FREE DAY (no jobs either for a break or for excellent individual work!)

RED = Special (help Mom make cookies, make ice cream sundaes for everyone)

WHITE = School (daily school "musts" such as math, reading aloud, etc)

PURPLE = Health (brush teeth) (and I may take "bath" off the blue cards and add it here)

Then I got started.  I wrote out all of the jobs I could possible think of and wrote them on the right card with "how often" at the top left.  "D", daily, "EOW", every other week…etc. 

So… if you opened my box right now you’d see in order:

Zone list card (I’ll talk about zones in a minute), Tiny calendars, The "June" tabbed card, The 1st set of cards 1-31, (with indiv. tabbed "zone of the week" cards after each number that corresponds to the Monday (or 1st day of that week) number of each week, The "July" tabbed card, The 2nd set of cards 1-31, the other "Month" cards, and last but not least… the extra cards like the "FREE" cards to be used whenever I decide!

Now I just have to make the poster board chart with all of our names and pockets on it!!

So, as for the Flylady zones, I went to the Flylady site and checked out the zones again (since I haven’t done Flylady for a while) and I made this document to AGAIN cut each little piece out and glue them onto the tabs!  Am I crazy, or what? LOL

And I put the zone #’s on the tabbies and then the zones on the front for easy reference.   I put each tabbed card right after the "number" card of the first Monday of the week of that zone (or for week #1…the first day of the month).  The Flylady breaks it down to 5 weeks even if one of the weeks is super short.

Then I had to make up this index card so I would have an easy reference to where to put the zone cards each month…

While I was writing out my "chores" and things on individual cards, I would go to file them and have a hard time remembering which actual day of the week was each number.  SO, of course O.C.D. little ol’ me had to find a site with a yearly calendar I could print out onto a 3X5 card…


Just make sure to set your printer page at "index card" and whatever size card you are using.  I didn’t the first time and it looked like this LOL:

Phew… I fixed it!!!  That just was NOT ok!!!  Look how absolutely cute this little calendar is!!!  I went a little calendar crazy and printed out the next 2 years too (in hopes that I will stay consistent and use this for good!!)

Another slight issue I had was that when I put the task cards into the appropriate day, I wanted the "daily" to all be together so when I have to seperate the "EOD" , "EOW", etc. it will be easier.  SO…I decided I’d use one leeeeetle paper clip to always have attached to the current days "other than daily" tasks.

Here is my box as finished as it is going to be until the tweaking begins!

And of course I had to make a little label for each index card box.  I haven’t started to file my addresses or my recipes but I’ll get to them soon!

Let me know if anyone of you tries this!! 

🙂 Bridget




  1. Oh I have wanted to do this. But it still seems overwelming. I bought my colored index cards a couple years ago and they are still in their wrappings. My problem is that I think it has to be perfect the first time around instead of jumping right in and tweeking it as it goes along. Hopefully soon. You are doing a great job

  2. What a fantastic idea! I read the book by Flylady's mentors, the gals who came up with the index card system – always thought I'd do it myself, but never did. This post though gave me a look at what it should be – maybe I'll get around to it this week. I need something to keep me on track at home, and this seems great!

    PS Had to come track down this post again, after seeing the pics of your kidlets working – motivation at its finest, LOL!

  3. This looks awesome! I am so trying it, I am going to try to get the supplies I need today so we can start it. Thanks so much for sharing. 🙂

    I also bought the Prairie Primer after reading your entry on that, we still haven't started it yet, but I am excited to get started on it!

    We should really get together and talk and let the kids play and soon!

    – Tara (

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