Posted by: purityseekers | June 18, 2008

Prairie Primer Update…

I started the "Prairie Primer" on June 6th (a Friday), but got off to a slow start due to a few different things (like a day my son had an assessment test and a couple days of having the fence installed), but it is Tuesday and we are finishing up the first week finally 🙂 

I love Prairie Primer because it just gives you tons of ideas, but you can pick and choose and don’t have to stick to a strict schedule!

So far, we have read the first 4 chapters of…

and I am so proud that even my 2.5 year old has sat through most of it!  The chapters are quite long too!!  I ALWAYS read at the table during lunch because it’s the perfect time to get all the munchkins together!  My youngest isn’t even buckled in his seat anymore, but will sit through all or most of the story.  If he’s done eating and is getting a bit restless, I let him go and play quietly.

Anyhoo… I have been ordering books through the library that deal with different topics that the stories talk about and if I don’t order a book, I research and find info. or pictures to show the kids.  For instance, we have talked about "trundle beds", "brindle bulldogs" and "ravines" and for those I just showed pictures.  But a few of the topics this week were "bears", "owls", and "guns" so I read them books 🙂

Here are a few books we’ve read…( I found all the pix online)

we just looked at the pictures in this book: (and were able to find one that looked like the gun they talked about "Pa" owning…

Another topic was "manners" so we read this:

I love the library!!! And for fun, in honor of "bulldogs", we read a funny story…

Oh, and yet ANOTHER topic was about how we all understand differently as we grow in maturity.   It suggested reading a book about growing up, so we read a really great book called…

After reading each chapter, I ask the kids the questions from "Prairie Primer" that go along with each section.  I am so amazed to see how much even the little ones comprehend and remember from the story!  AND it leads to other discussions.  For instance, it spoke of their aunt’s dog acting "mad", but what he really was doing was protecting the aunt from a panther.  "Prairie Primer" ( I want to just say "PP" but it sounds too funny when I write it like that haha) suggested to talk about what "mad" meant (as far as "rabies") and so I have a book from the library that talks about it.  I haven’t read it yet, along with a ton others I just picked up last night, but it will be a good informative lesson when we DO read it.

My big plans were to "make butter", "make corn cob dolls" & to make molasses candy, but we have only gotten as far as drying the corn cobs!! haha

We’ve waited so long that even one of them got moldy!!  GROSS!!!  So I think that is going to have to be put off until we have fresh corn again and then we need to make the dolls ASAP after they are dried!

I have the cream and the ingredients for the candy and so I am hoping we can get them done today or tomorrow!  (The molasses candy is sounding pretty darn good, so I am thinkin’ that will be first!!!  See the benefits of this curriculum??? LOL)

So, even if we don’t completely finish the 1st week’s unit study, I am going to start the next and try to get on track so that the 2nd weeks will be finished at the end of next week so we can start fresh on a Monday with week 3!

If you have never ordered your library books online, you should check to see if your library has that option.  It is WONDERFUL!!!!  The PP (ok I said it!) gives you a list of great reference books and I just went and searched by the author and found almost all of them!  If my library doesn’t have it… they will search the state to find it and then it is sent to my town free of charge!!  What an awesome blessing it is to have a library!!!

I’ll make sure to show pix once we actually do a project!!  No matter what…the kids are learning a ton from this and it’s really fun!!

🙂 Bridge




  1. That looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I picked this up a few years back and did one day of it. My girls didn't want to do it. Maybe now I will try it again. My older ones might not be interested but maybe my younger ones, I even found the cook book that went with it. If they don't like it I sure will ha ha
    oh and I would love some of that candy lol

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