Posted by: purityseekers | June 17, 2008

Is this for real???

Am I really sitting inside of my house without ANY kids??  Honestly, I don’t remember the last time in years and years that I have been in this house without children!  If my husband takes some of them swimming, I have at least 1 or 2 with me here at home.  And no one is foolish enough to take all of our kids at the same time, so I feel like I must be dreaming!  I have not been able to let them all outside alone due to safety issues… so…

Yes… our fence is DONE!!!!  Praise God!!!  I feel so blessed that ALL of my children can go outside now without my supervision!  Some people are blessed to live in the country or where they feel safe, but even in our safe neighborhood, we live WAY too close to 2 roads and too close to a psychiatric hospital!!!

I just took these pix of my kids outside for the first time playing in the fenced in area.  (I just got a padlock and safety hasp to lock the gate!)

My oldest son is cleaning out his clubhouse while my youngest daughter peeks in the window at him…

This shows my little guy coming out of the clubhouse and my middle son carrying his Hot Wheels out to play with them IN the clubhouse…

My oldest daughter on the hammock…

SO… now I have plenty of quiet so I can start my index card organization system thinga majigy!

I went shopping this AM (thanks Dad!!!) and went a little index card crazy 🙂  (Momofsix will be proud!! hehe I got this idea from her site… ORGANIZING HOUSEHOLD DUTIES )

I had a hard time finding the months of the year and the numbers 1-31 (I checked Staples, Walmart, and the local independent office supply store) and they could be ordered, but nothing in stock.  SO… I just decided to buy tabbed blank cards that I’ll mark on myself.  AND I bought A-Z cards and an extra box so I can start an address box / recipe box.  If I run out of room, I’ll just buy a new little box to put just my recipes. 

So…I am off to start writing!!!  I’ll update once I finish my little duties box!

Wow…I just want to run around the house and dance!!! haha

🙂 Bridge


  1. How exciting. Just a few more tidbits for you. Some chores you will find need to be done morning and evening or breakfast, lunch, dinner so be sure to mark either way for the older chores. Also, write the most needed chores done each day in a broken down way. When I assigned the kitchen, I would assign loading and unloading the dishes after each meal, washing counters and table, washing chairs and sweeping floor. With a big chore broken down like that it is easy to give the younger children the sweeping floor (small broom and dust pan their size), etc. Also, be careful to keep your goals realistic. You will find that you are changing some jobs from D to E.O.D (every other day) or such. It will take a couple of weeks to tweek. I hope your children enjoy the excitement of finding out their new chores each day as mine…Oh, I also added (after a couple weeks of doing this) a Free Day as a surprise to the one that I see working really hard and accomplishing all jobs without being told. They don't know when I will put it in a box, but it is keeping them on their toes.

  2. Great ideas!

  3. Hey you have grass in your yard. I have dirt. Kids like it though exspecialy if you can add water to it before mom finds out.ha ha. This week the kids have even said it is too hot for them. I guess 103 is hot, but it will get hotter as the summer rolls on. My neighbor gave us their above ground pool because they are moving to where it is to cold to swim. Hopefully DH will get it put up soon. He has to level the ground and put some sand down before he can put it up. It is only 4ft deep and 16 ft diameter but oh that will be enough, Little ones will throughly enjoy it.

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