Posted by: purityseekers | June 16, 2008

Photo Challenge…

A week or so ago my niece showed me "lolcats" photos online and I was cracking up at how funny some of them are.

WELL… yesterday she was here with her family to celebrate Father’s Day and she took some "lovely" pictures of herself with my camera.  I was cracking up as I was downloading them!

I decided to turn one of them into what I call an "lolmomz" pic…

My challenge for all you "Momz" out there is to take a picture of yourself and make your OWN "lolmomz" pic.  Remember to use the broken dialect (that I just learned they call "kitty pidgin’" in "lolcats" world haha)!  Just please comment and leave me a link to your blog entry or photo!!!

You can’t tell me there aren’t MANY Momz out there that feel the same way as what I wrote up above!!

Pose & Post Mamas!!


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