Posted by: purityseekers | June 15, 2008

**Want your honest opinion…COMMENTS PLEASE!!!!**

OK.  I’ve been struggling with the whole privacy issue on my blog for a long time!!!  (as many of you know!  Sorry!!  My OCD personality just won’t let it die!! LOL)  I’ve stopped putting our names, stopped blogging altogether, started a new private blog eslewhere… I’ve done it all.  Now I have given up on the other blog for lack of time keeping up and also because I miss posting here.  I’ve started posting family pix JUST to those on HSblogger… but I really want your opinion on all this!!!

I miss posting family pix that are available for friends outside of HSblogger to see.  The problem I was having was that ANYONE in the whole WORLD could see my blog and would find it using search engines.  I thought HSblogger had made my blog unable to be searched, but I searched for it and found it.  HM???  But I started feeling funny about anyone in the world being able to see my life!

Anyway.  I know most people don’t feel uncomfortable posting pix of their kids for the public to view.  I’d just like people to comment and let me know how THEY feel about it.  I guess I just want to be able to share our lives, but just worry a lot about privacy issues.

So… COMMENT AWAY!!!  PLEASE!!!  And maybe…just maybe… I’ll change my mind again (heck…why not!!!  It’s typical, right?? haha) and maybe…just maybe… I’ll start sharing a few family pix here and there!!!  I just know so many people that aren’t on HSblogger that miss reading my blog and seeing ALL of my pix.  I feel like I’m enjoying everyone’s family pix and cheating many out of viewing mine!!!

I’ll be waiting patiently to see how you all respond!!! Thanks!!!





  1. Blogging is so beneficial to my growth as a homeschooler and mother. I have grown so much from such a wonderful family of bloggers and friends. But, I do follow a few guidelines.

    *My name on my blog is not my real name.
    *I don't list our location or state.
    * I don't use an email that reveals my name.
    * I am careful not to put anything down that refers to our location, name, address, etc.
    * When we visit places close to home, I don't put up a blog about it. When we visit far away places such as St. Louis, then I feel more free to blog
    *I am careful that the pictures of our blog don't include the front of the house or any hints of where we live.

    I am so strict because two ladies tried to kidnap my daughters behind our home at 10 am broad day light. That was before I even owned a computer. So, with that in mind, I am very careful. You probably remember that post. It is a memory that is as vivid today as it was when it happend some years ago.

  2. You know my feelings on it. I'd be more scared of the pedophile behind me or the local kidnapping women than I would be of some internet stranger. Of course, I met my dh online so I may be bias.

  3. People don't generally fly cross country to attack and torture. There are usually enough people locally to keep the psychopaths busy. 🙂


  5. Hi Bridget! I know exactly what you mean about privacy. Even though my kids are getting older, I still don't want their faces out there. I used to even be concerned when they were little and we'd get a family picture done at Sears…I was always afraid that the pictures we didn't end up purchasing were out there somewhere. I even hated people I didn't really know or care for taking pictures of them at social gatherings!! I thought I was the only one who feels this way, so I have never really mentioned this to anyone before! LOL.

    I never liked sharing my precious innocent children with other people through pictures, but to most people that sounds crazy because they seem to like to brag or something, and they don't even consider that it puts their child "out there". So yes, I completely know how you feel. I tried blogging a little bit this winter, but it got boring because I had nothing interesting to post when it didn't involve my amazing kids, LOL.

    I guess you just have to look at it like everyone does it, so what are the odds of someone really caring to research your life? Who knows…just do what feels right.

    ~Sharon in Raymond~

  6. I don't know. I love to see your family pics, it makes me feel apart of your life. I am unsure about what I want to do with my kids, somedays I will, sometimes a partical but I guess the jury is still out in my head if I want to put my kids up or not. Not much help hun, I am undecided

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