Posted by: purityseekers | June 15, 2008

Menu Plan Update (holding myself accountable LOL w/ pictures!)

I thought it would be fun, when I got the chance, to update my weekly menu with pictures.  It will help me to stay disciplined until I am really used to doing this!! And I will be sharing recipes and giving my rating of each!

Some things I have no pictures for.  For instance…


They were so yummy!!!  I’ll definitely make them again!  It’s a great way to use up over ripe bananas!

Since I hadn’t done our "meat and produce" shopping at the beginning of the week, I stole this recipe from the end of my menu plan…


I made mine with only one can of evaporated milk but also added some half & half.  Also, I used half regular elbow macaroni and half multigrain elbows!  I think it came out really good!!  And when you want to make a quick meal… this is perfect because its all done on the stove top instead of transferring to a casserole dish.  (although THAT is my favorite type!!  My Mom’s recipe is less creamy, just perfect and nice and crispy around the edges and on the top!!!  I am making that tonite!)

One night we had baked chicken, garlic pot’s and fresh corn!!  MMMMM

 And I hung up 5 cobs to dry so the kids can make corn cob dolls this coming week!  The next day I hung them on my line to dry (which they did…SUPER FAST) and I wondered what the fence installation guys must have thought when they saw them hanging there!!!

 The next day I boiled off the leftover chicken bones and used the remaining chicken & broth to make a chicken noodle soup!! MMM (this is one of my oldest son’ favorite things!!!)

My favorite meal this week was….


This was an awesome recipe!!  I bought some "Nature’s Place" (no hormones, anti-biotics) stew beef and boiled it for about 4 hours on simmer the day before.  That made it really easy to whip up the next day!!!  This is my half eaten pie which was just a HUGE hit!!!  I can’t wait to make it again!!!  (And the pie crust is homemade… which I have to say is just the best way to go!!!)

 And I decided to take "Saturday’s Big Breakfast" and have it this AM as my Husband’s Father’s Day meal!!  I made this recipe…


And used it as a side dish for my planned "Creamed Eggs & Sausage Gravy on Biscuits".  I used this gravy recipe…


and made homemade biscuits and hard boiled eggs.  I just crumbled the eggs over the biscuit and poured the gravy on!  MMMMMM

 The things I DIDN’T make this week were "Spaghetti w/ Garden Veggie Sauce" & "Pumpkin Bread".  I am making the Sour Cream & Bacon Crockpot Chicken for tonite (it’s in the crockpot as I type)! 

So… I’m happy with my menu plan and can’t wait to start one for next week.  It just really helped me keep my focus and I know it will save us money!

OK!!  I am off to plan my new menu!!!!  If you don’t menu plan… you should give it a try!!! 

🙂 Bridget



  1. Those meals look sooo delicious. I can't wait to copy the recipes. I needed help with macaroni and cheese. I think the evaporated milk really adds the creaminess I was looking for. I especially like how you carry the meals to the next day. I want to try that. But, how do you make cob dolls? That has really got my mind stirring in trying to figure out.

  2. YUMMY!!!!!!!! Oh it all looks sooooo good…now I'm hungry lol

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