Posted by: purityseekers | June 15, 2008

I love this idea…

I was just over at Momofsix’s blog, HOMESCHOOLING WHILE ON MY KNEES, and saw this great idea about organizing household duties with a large family and I think I am going to try it!  I started "Managers of their Homes" quite a while back and really love the whole concept but just have been in such a rut since our long horrid winter that I just wasn’t able to quite get it going.   I think this idea is a good start to getting some order so that I CAN get the MoTHs up and running!

We are in the process of having a fence installed that will finally give me a wee bit of freedom while raising my 5 young rascals here in the city (not a huge city, but still a city!), so this is the perfect time for me to start planning!!! 

Hey…wanna glimpse of my fence??  They just started it and will finish it this week!  It will be a total of 29 panels that are 8′ long and 6′ high and will totally surround our lower back lot of our home!!  The older kids will still have the upper lot to hang out and climb trees, but the fence will give me the security to allow my younger children outside without my constant supervision!!!  You have NO idea how bad I have wanted a fence all these years!!  It is a true blessing from the Lord!!

When you drive by our house…this is what the fence looks like from the main road (which is VERY close to our house, so you can see why the fence is going to make me feel so safe!!)

and this is that same corner from the inside…

I’ll post more pix later once it is finished!!!  I think it’s supposed to rain tomorrow so I am bummed out thinking they aren’t going to finish as fast!!!!  We’ll see!!

But anyway… I am gonna get hoppin’ and attempt to get our home in better running order now that I am going to have more time to think inside without the little ones running around grabbing my attention!!!  

🙂 Bridget



  1. Yep, same address. We aren't very good with writing either. I think I have a letter for your son that is about a year old. lol We'll keep working on that.

    I fogot to get a new pic in that post. Thanks for reminding me. But, there are so many people with the same last name as ours that the library can't keep us straight, not to mention Pizza Hut which wanted to give us free pizza because of the last name which was mistaken for someone they know. There are a lot of people with that name in this area. Isn't that funny. But, I do need to get that off. I am not sure why and we aren't related. Also, we are unlisted. I usually google our name to routinely check.Have you ever done that? It's a good idea. I did find our family information on a google because of Vision Forum (oops, who would have thought that)?

    Oh, I am always delighted to visit your blog and hear from you. I glean so much. I am glad that you were blessed from my blog, too. Edited by momofsix on Jun. 16, 2008 at 6:53 AM

  2. I couldn't find any cards at Office Max, they stopped selling them. However, I did find them at Office Depot. Just wanted to let you know.

  3. good for you! I am glad that you have a nice fence. It looks great and adds value to your home too. I am in an apt I want a home of my very own but we are not ready yet. God bless…

  4. Great fence. I know what you mean, it will give you a great peace of mind.

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