Posted by: purityseekers | June 8, 2008

Prairie Primer

The kids and I are starting to do this unit study series over the summer…

My friend, Jess, is letting me borrow it and a few books to go with it and I am so excited about it!!!  (Thanks Jess!!!) Each day we will read a chapter of a "Little House on the Prairie" book and it gives you tons of information to go along with each chapter, fun activities, studies, etc.!

For instance… this week we are going to make butter, make molasses candy, study about owls & bears, talk about things like trundle beds and brindle bulldogs, learn about prisms, preserving food, gun safety and a ton more!  I ordered a bunch of books from the library dealing with different topics covered and so we have loads of resources!  I also printed off information online including pictures (of things like the trundle bed and the brindle bulldog, like the Ingall’s had).

The best part is it is a Christian series and so through the week it gives lots of scripture references to use to teach a lesson.  One example is talking about not interrupting (since Laura, in the story, interrupted her sister) and it gives bible references to use to help talk to your child about respect and regarding others as higher than yourselves!  I love that!!

I thought I could blog about different things we do to share ideas and to help to encourage me to keep it going!  The kids really like it a lot so far!  I started it a bit last week, but am going full force this week!!

I’d love to hear from anyone who has done it!

OOH…I just found this blog…


so I am DEFINITELY going to have to check it out!!!

 😉 Bridget



  1. thank you sharing this blog! we just started using this study too, and we LOVE it!! Holly

  2. this sounds wonderful I just bought it on ebay to use with the kids for summer work. Thanks for sharing! I love the Laura ingalls books. 🙂

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