Posted by: purityseekers | May 23, 2008

Sew Crafty Friday

How can it be Friday already????  Wow!

Make sure to visit Shereen’s Blog and see what other craft-lovin’ women are up to!

I finally opened my Hyena Cart again!!!  I am so excited!!  Make sure to pop on over and check out how it looks!  I’d love any feedback!


I am trying to perfect my "Chunky Checkers™" line.  I knit this pair this week (and put it on my cart today) and only added a few checkers here and there…

And I started this pair yesterday.  I am having fun just being creative and doing whatever I feel like doing at the moment!

And this is just some wool I am preparing to dye.  I have a bunch of it that I bought at Salvation Army and I am going to dye it a girly color and knit with a few strands together (since it is only 2 strands) and I can’t wait to see how it comes out!  I still have quite a few skeins to get to look like this…

So…that’s what I have been up to!!!  I am going to be adding other cool things that I am planning to design and sew!  I am just SO excited about my store it is all I’ve had on my mind lately!!!!!  But, the one thing I love about knitting is that I can knit and pray.  I spend SO much time talking to God while I pray and it is so relaxing!!

Now I am off to go and see what others have been up to for Sew Crafty Friday!

🙂 Bridget




  1. So cute! I love that name…"Chunky Checkers." PS–Mom2fur here!

  2. Love the Chunky checkers. They look so wonderful. I need to start working on some more for my kids but I think I will finish some socks, curtians, diapers,and other things before. I have a ton of yarn that should keep me busy for awhile. I am looking forward to seeing how your dieing comes out.

  3. Love your pics of your creations. I wish I had sewing talents 🙂

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