Posted by: purityseekers | May 20, 2008

Mother's Day catch up…

I have some catching up to do since I haven’t posted any family pix in so long.  I was keeping all entried "family free" for privacy, but have decided to post to those on homeschoolblogger so that I can feel like I am sharing more of my life with those I have gotten to know on here!  I think I’ll be giving up my other private family blog because I just can’t keep up on both!  But I can have the best of both worlds as long as I keep my family pix private to only HSB users. 

I guess I can start with Mother’s Day.  My oldest son was away at his Dad’s until dinnertime, but I was able to spend the afternoon with my 4 youngest.  I had gone to a woman’s retreat for the weekend and returned before lunch and the kids had surprises for me on the table!  It was so much fun!  The roses were from my oldest and my youngest sons…

and my oldest daughter gave me this cute wrapped gift and it was a huge cone of green cotton yarn (my favorite color!)— She knows what I like!!!

and this is a cute card she made me…

and my middle son got me a great candle in HIS favorite color… ORANGE!! hehe

and my youngest daughter had nicely wrapped up this gift of gum and a dark chocolate candy bar!  (I love her cute little letters)

She also gave me a bunch of little envelopes and I giggled as I opened each one.  4 had one little puzzle piece (THAT’s where the missing pieces were LOL) and one had one little tiny bead in it haha…

She also made me this nice picture…

and my husband made up this card himself and printed it off… what he wrote that was "from the kids" was really cute and creative…


Then once my oldest son was home, we all had a BBQ with my parents, my sister, and my niece and her family!  It was really fun!!!

I praise God for allowing me to be a Mother!!

🙂 Bridget




  1. I love, love, love your mother's day card! What a beautiful family you have :o)

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