Posted by: purityseekers | May 16, 2008

Blog Announcement & Sew Crafty Friday…

I know that I have been wishy washy for a while as to whether or not to keep my blog open to the public, semi-private or completely private.  I have struggled with this for sometime now, but feel like I have actually made a decision that works.

Honestly, I have missed posting pix of my family on Homeschoolblogger.  I started a private blog so that my friends and family could see things we’ve been up to… but I just really miss sharing my life with all of my wonderful friends here!  I am still going to only post to friends on this blog because I did a search for my blog and it IS still public.  I am going to check with HSB to see if it can be taken off search engines.  So I am sorry that I can’t post right now to make my blog viewable to friends from other blogs, but unless you have a blog here and are in my friends list (hint hint–only takes a minute to join!!) only my entries that do know show my kids will be viewable!  SORRY!!!  I really wish the world was a safer place.  I know many people don’t worry about it, but I just get super paranoid about that stuff. 

Well… today is SEW CRAFTY FRIDAY over at Shereen’s blog and I am actually posting for the first time in a few weeks!!  Make sure to click the link and go and see what others have done!

Last week I was going to post but ended up getting ready to go on a ladies retreat for the weekend!!!  My friend, Christine, invited me and it was AWESOME!!  We stayed for 2 overnights and had to pack a sleeping bag and pillow.  Well… our pillowcases are gross.  Sorry…its just a fact.  There is no denying that after being used for like 8 years or so… they are just grossy josie!!!  There is a reason for that.  (a lame one, but still a reason)  My brother (see it’s all HIS fault haha) had gotten us 2 king size pillows one year for Christmas.  (very awesome ones made with memory foam or something).  Anyway, we only had standard size pillow cases (sorry I am OCD and just feel like I have to explain myself haha) and so we bought 2 king size cases.  ONLY 2 and never bought anymore.  So I just wash them and put them back on… and have so for a LOOOONG time.  Needless to say… they are faded and stained and just ugly.

I could NOT bring them to the retreat.  SO, I decided to hunt online for a pillowcase pattern and found this one…


I had a couple yards of pretty fabric I had gotten at Goodwill for $1.99 so I used that and made one, but cut out 2 pieces to make a matching one later.  I finally made my husband’s case last night.  It’s a little femmy foo foo, but it looks pretty on the bed and serves the purpose.  I don’t think I could ever buy another pillowcase again.  They are WAY too easy and cheap to sew!!!  (I looked at Walmart for King size pillowcases and the cheapest I found were close to $10 for 2!  CRAZY!!!  And they aren’t the best quality!  Pays to learn to make things yourself!!)

The fabric is lavendar and white checkers, but it’s hard to tell in this picture because its a little swirly due to the lighting….

And I am going dishcloth crazy!  I don’t have much else to show but dishcloths because I am making a bunch of the same pattern to make a cotton "quiltlike" blanket. 

These are the cloths I have made in the last couple weeks.  I can make about 1 a day and have been doing that for about 2 weeks.  If I don’t make 1 in a day, I end up finishing it the next day.  I knit while I nurse (my son and I have a little thing we say.  I may have said this in another post, but I think it’s cute enough to repeat.  I always say, "ok, you nurse, I knit" and he’ll stop nursing and say, "I nurse, you knit" with the sweetest little voice ever!!!  Then he’ll say "YOU nurse, I knit" and we both laugh!"  Silly, yes, but something I’ll never forget!)  I also knit while I drink coffee with my husband in the AM, when I sit with the kids outside, and when we drive.   It’s a good "idle time" filler.  I think the blanket will be really pretty!  (I use the Darrel Waltrip dishcloth pattern!  It is easy to remember once you have made a couple!  I have it memorized which makes it that much more convenient!)

Here are a couple of the cloths up close. 

This is cool self-striping cotton…

I just love this pattern!

I have also knit a few more things, but they are gifts so I can’t show them yet!!  When the recipient has it in their possession, I will post a picture of it!

Ok…that’s all I’ve got!!!  Now I am going to go over to Shereen’s and check out other crafties!!!  Make sure you do too!!!

🙂 Bridget



  1. love the pillowcase. Fun pattern. The dish cloths are beautiful. Would hate to use them to clean things up. They will make an adorably fun blanket, and I bet it would be big time warm.
    I understand your concerns about the web. It is very scary to think that someone may be lurking out there.

  2. I love to crochet dishcloths! I'm hoping to make enough really nice ones to start my own Etsy shop. You should sell yours, if you don't already–they're really beautiful!
    BTW, I'm Mom2fur of

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