Posted by: purityseekers | May 13, 2008

God's Beautiful Sun…

I went to a women’s retreat this weekend (AWESOME!!!) and it was all about how we are the bride’s of Christ.  We learned all about the Jewish traditional wedding and how it correlates to our lives as His brides.  It was just such a great weekend!!!

I don’t have a lot of time to expand on that right now, but I wanted to share a couple pictures of the sun.  We were outside on a break and one of the women looked up and saw a ring around the sun.  Another woman said "maybe that’s God’s way of reassuring us that we ARE His bride and that is our ring" hehe.  I thought that was a great way of looking at it. 

Today, as I was outside playing with the kids, I saw the same thing!!  My niece looked up online just how that happens, and it has something to do with crystals of ice?  I’d have to look more into it to see exactly what is up with that!  All I know is that it is SO beautiful!!

Here are a couple pictures I took this weekend at the retreat and I’ll end with some pix I just took today.

Oh, and I’ll sneak in a pic of me and the group of women I was with at the retreat!  The view was BEAUTIFUL!!!!

And this is Christine and myself… (Christine invited me and we had SUCH an incredible time together!!!)  I praise God that my husband was so awesome to spend the weekend solo with the kids!

OK… here are the pictures I took today!!  I LOVE the last one!!  It just looks very cool!!

And some people say there is no God.   Crazy.  Absolutely crazy.

Hope you are having a wonderful day resting in the Son!!!

Love, Bridget



  1. You are more than welcome to utiltize my vocab challenge idea. After all, any good idea is God's right!

  2. wow! those photos are amazing! the last one especially.

    God is awesome!

    Tara (marliah)

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