Posted by: purityseekers | May 2, 2008

I'm Still Alive!!! (last week's Sew Crafty Friday post too)

Hello!  Wow… it’s been a long time since I’ve posted!!!  I can’t believe it is May!!!

We are so happy that Spring is finally here!!!  It was a LONG winter and seeing grass growing is SOOOO nice!!!  I didn’t blog a lot over the winter, but hope to find more time now that the weather is nice and our spirits are lifted!

I have a lot to catch up on for Sew Crafty Friday!!  Make sure you click the link and visit Shereen’s blog to see what others have done!

The last time I posted, I showed a started "Beanie Baby Sleeping Bag".  I made a lot of things to send to my friend, Katherine, for her daughters and her "in utero" baby boy! 

I made her 2 oldest girls sleeping bags for their stuffies…

and I knit a little purse for her youngest daughter…

I never did end up sewing my oldest dau. and myself a bathing suit!!  The fabric is waiting patiently for me upstairs!

BUT I did sew both of my daughters new dresses.  I had a lot of fun making them and made my first ever buttonholes!!!

Here’s a closeup of each…

I also made a few matching headwraps… here’s one…(I’d like to make up a little tutorial someday on how to make them.  I made the pattern up based on the head wraps I wear all the time that I purchased at the local hippy shop 🙂

And since I am still a dishcloth knitting addict… I’ve made a few over the last month or so.  This is a "Breastfeeding Advocacy" cloth…

And after knitting that one, I saw one another woman "double knitted" and decided to try it.  The only problem was that the original pattern was a little off center.  I wonder how many people have noticed that?  I am a little OCD so I noticed it pretty fast after looking around at other finished cloths on Ravelry.  SO… I designed my own pattern on grid pattern and have started it…

Double knitting was fun to learn how to do.  I designed this little double knit cloth, but the double knitting isn’t as obvious due to the checkered look instead of an obvious larger shape, like the nursing Mama on the above cloth.  It did turn out nice, though, for a pot holder!  I set my tea pot on it!

And my oldest daughter (7) is always busy crocheting something new!  She makes up all of her own designs! 

Here is a slipper she made (hehe…she has yet to make a matching one!!)

And she made a little cup cozy:

Isn’t the lid cute??

** and here it is almost a week later and I am JUST getting this posted!!!  ARGH!!!  I am posting this today and will link to it tomorrow on Shereen’s blog along with tomorrow’s post!!!!



  1. Oh I have missed you. I love what you have been working on. Don't be suprised if I call you sometime. ha ha. I have been working on socks, but taking care of my grandmother has become a higher priority than knitting. I am looking forward to being able to knit again for longer periods of time. I do get to knit during the week but not every day. Oh well all in due time. Weather is heating up here. Take care

  2. What a talented woman you are. My oldest dd crochet's and knits and I'm completely amazed at anyone who can!

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