Posted by: purityseekers | March 14, 2008

Sew Crafty Friday :)

It’s that time of the week again!!  Time to pop over to Shereen’s blog and check out what other’s have been up to for crafts and add a link if you post an entry about your creativeness!  SHEREEN’S SEW CRAFTY ENTRY

I ordered some swimsuit fabric a couple weeks back so I could make myself and the girls modest bathing suits and it finally came last week! 

My fabric is the first one, then my oldest daughter’s and then my youngest’s…

I’ve only made one (the littlest to get the hang of it before I tackle the larger ones!) and it came out really nice!!

This is just the top…

and here’s what the suit looks like with the leggings…

I have to say this wasn’t the easiest fabric to work with… but it’s also very forgiving since it’s stretchy 😉  And you sew the whole pattern using a zigzag stitch and many times my zig’s didn’t zig and my zags didn’t zag…but it still came out fine!

This is what’s on my needles at the moment… a no-sew (meaning you don’t have a seam to sew up) stuffed animal sleeping bag for my friend, Katherine’s daughter… ( I knit it on circular needles, but it isn’t knit in the round)

This is a really cool pattern because I learned how to knit both sides of the bag at the same time so it’s seamless!!  It’s knit so that you are actually looking at the outside.  Once it’s turned right side out… it will look like a normal stockinette stitch. 

Here’s a link to the pattern– NO SEW BEANIE BAG

It took a bit for me to "get it" with this pattern… but then it made complete sense.  You just cast on a certain amount of stitches (I made it bigger… I cast on 24 instead of what the pattern says…20) and then you just increase in EVERY stitch… which ended up giving me 48 stitches on my needle.  Then you just K1 stitch and then slip 1 all the way across.  The "knit" stitches are one side of the pouch and the "slip" stitches are the other side. 

I took a couple pix so you could get the idea of how it is actually knitting both sides at the same time… like a pouch…

So, I hope my friend’s daughter likes it for her stuffed animal!  It should fit a Medium sized Webkinz JUST right! (when it’s done, I’ll have to take a pic of one of my kids animals in it!) I got the "Lion’s Brand Suede" yarn at the Christmas Tree Shop and it cost $1.27 a skein!!!  They only had the one color… but what a deal!!  I went to Jo-Ann’s fabric right afterward and the same brand and type of yarn sold for $5.99 a skein!  The yarn is nice and chunky and SOOOO soft!

Here are the dishcloths I finished…


"The tomb is empty"…

and this HAS to be one of my favorites because it is knit with COTTON and WOOL!  You choose a nice scratchy wool that will felt well and when you are done and it’s all felted, you have a super scouring type dishcloth!!  This pic was taken before felting… now the gold parts are all felted and work awesome to scrub pans!

What have you all been up to???  I am going over now to check it out!!

Love, Bridget




  1. Hi, Mom2fur here ( Everything looks great! I like the silhouette of that bathing suit–I think it could make a cute play top, too! I also love your dish cloths. I never though to combine wool and cotton (when I crochet, since I really don't knit)–what a great idea!

  2. I have a hard time sewing stretchy fabric, but you are right, it is very forgiving. You did a great job on the bathing suit. So cute!

  3. I love that bathing suit. Sometimes I'm not crazy about the modest ones, not that I like the immodest ones ;-). But that is the cutest thing!

    Very nice job.


  4. Those bathing suits are adorable! I love all your other projects too.

    (Fields Of Heather)

  5. Nice work Bridget. Cute suit on your daughter. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Very cool. Did you buy the precut fabric for the swim suits. I couldn't find that kind by the yard cuts. I love the bean bags. Great job!!!

  7. You are so creative!!!!

  8. Where did you order or fabric from for the swimsuits? I want to order some more, but I can't find a website that has any I like.


  9. Hey, How'd you do that? That is what me and my mom want to do, but we can't figure it out! Do you have a patern or somthing?

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