Posted by: purityseekers | March 11, 2008

Crayon Roll…

** I had started this post the other day before posting about my daughter’s b-day…so the crayon roll is old news… but a couple pix are new…

I found this site from a woman who made it for “Sew Crafty Friday” and I HAD to try it!!! This is the pattern… but I also took pix for a little tutorial of my own because I love to take pix of the progress of my work!

This is the pattern if anyone wants to try it!

Crayon Roll Pattern

I made this for my 4 year olds birthday….


I think it is SOOO cute!!!


My husband got 16 triangular crayons…so that made it even more fun!


Before I did my sewing… the kids had a morning of schooling 🙂 Maybe I should have done a lesson on “honoring your parents” LOL (I actually had him recreate this face because I missed the shot the first time!! hehe


I have “C” write sentences a lot and I choose 10 words from a list I made up of site words that are confusing (like “write” & “right” and “blew” & “blue”, etc.) and then I give him instructions on the chalkboard as to what else has to be in some of the sentences. We go over different grammar rules and he always writes really creative sentences!


The decided to use their “quiet time” (while the crazy 2.5 year old was asleep) to paint!! Here’s “Z” & “C” at the easles…


In order to homeschool a bunch of kids…you HAVE to be ok with messes around the house….


and messes on bodies!!! hehe


That’s all for now!! I have more pix to post soon!! 🙂 Bridget


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