Posted by: purityseekers | March 7, 2008

Sew Crafty Friday

 ****** (I pathetically started this entry on VALENTINE’S DAY and am just now adding more to it to post it!!!  How sad am I??? I’ll make a note under the V-day post when the date changes!!)

I haven’t posted a "Sew Crafty" for quite a while!!!  I’ve decided to continue posting certain entries open to "everyone" as long as it jives with my privacey issues šŸ˜‰

 I have no idea where I have left off with crafts…so these things I have done might be in no particular order and have been done over much more time than one week!

AND there are a few things I can’t post about yet because they are gifts and I don’t want the receiver to see them!! ("Receivers"… A.K.A Katherine)

I finished some of the dishcloths I had been working on!  I am still addicted to knitting dishcloths, especially in "knit a long" groups!

In keeping with the "Valentine’s" theme… I’ll post my "bow in a heart" dishcloth first…(OK… I didn’t know it was going to be a heart… so I didn’t use a good color…but I still like it! hehe)

I made these little beanbags for my kids for a gift for today…

*** sorry if some of these next few pix take longer to load…I saved them too big!!***

And I made a tote bag to hold them all…(the poor choice of letter colors spells out "TOY BAG"… what was I thinking??? haha They were just leftover letters I had…so what the heck!)

I will be doing a little BEANBAG tutorial in another post, in case anyone wants to know how I made them!

These are my first beanbags… I made them the other day as party favors for my daughter’s birthday party guests…

This is my first cabled dishcloth all finished!  It’s one of my favorites!!

UGH… I want to show what else I’ve made… but then that would ruin the surprises… so… I will show the things I received from a DISHCLOTH MARATHON I’m part of… (I sent the next person on my team 2 skeins of cottton, 2 homemade stitch markers to match the yarn, a lavendar sachet, a bar of yummy soap, and the dishcloth I knit for her… BUT… photo crazy me forgot to take a picture of it!!!!!)

And right now I am in the process of knitting an "UGLY DISHCLOTH" for another exchange I am doing!  It is fun!!! 

 And this is a birthday present for my Dad.  It’s a cup cozy!! hehe


 ******  OK… NOW it is March 7th… almost a month later!!! 

I finished the cup cozy…(and this isn’t the cup I gave him… I actually got a really nice and tall drinking glass for him at TJMaxx!)

And I finished my "ugly cloth" to mail to Dani, my "ugly partner"… pretty, huh?  haha

and this is the ugly cloth SHE sent…I LOVE it!!!

I made my Dad another gift.  It was inspired by a Martha Stewart Crafts show I watched on the DIY channel!!  This is a link to the project online…


This has to be the easiest but most rewarding thing I’ve sewn for a long time!!!  I made it out of an old shirt my Mom had given me for my cloth stash.  I thought "hm… what a great shirt to make my Dad a pillow with!"… so I went to Walmart and got a 16" pillow and went nuts!

You have to make a square template that is about 1/2 inch larger than the pillow…so I had to make one using cardstock taped together since I didn’t have any large cardboard!  Mine is a 16.5 inch square.  Then you cut it right in half so that you can place it over the buttons on the shirt to get a good idea where to cut the shirt to make the buttons look good…(the lighting in my sewing room was horrible!  sorry!!!)

then I just cut around the pattern using my rotary cutter, ruler and mat (but you could easily just pin it in place and cut it with scissors!)

Placing right sides together you just sew ALL around and can turn it right side out using the buttoned area!!  Cool, huh???

Then I also top stitched all around the outside edge ON the right side and it was DONE!!!

My niece and I were talking about it…and how cute it would be to make a tiny blanket using a small button up shirt of your kids!!  You could just make and stuff your own little pillow to fill it!!!  If I make one…I’ll make sure to post it!

Let’s see… I ended up making a little tote bag and some more beanbags for my Great Niece, Nouvelle’s, 1st birthday last month!  And again…I think I might have a "iron-on color issue" because I chose white for this bag!!  Actually, I chose the fabric KNOWING I had bought white letters!!  SO… I ended up going over the letters with fabric paint to try to hide my mistake.  It’s STILL hard to see! haha


HM…what else. 

Well, my friend Summer asked me to make her daughter some bloomers.  We did a trade, since I HATE making friends pay for things!!  She got me some raw milk in exchange for the bloomers!  GOOD TRADE!

The only problem was that she didn’t want a regular pair like I usually make for my girls that come over the knee.  She wanted a white pair to come just ABOVE the knee and a cream colored pair to be more like undies. 

I messed with the pattern and this is what I came up with so far.  She’ll still have to try them on her daughter to see if she likes them.  My daughter is the same size and they fit her nicely!

These are the "above the knees" pair…

and although these look a lot like undies… they actually come down the thigh a bit just like she wanted.  BUT I think she might like them a LITTLE longer, so we’ll see! 

I am going to try to get my Hyena Cart up and running this Spring, so I might start selling bloomers!  Now that I know I can mess with the pattern to make different lengths…it’s encouraged me to sell some!

And another thing I’ve been working on is a pattern for a knit diaper cover!  My friend, Keri, gave me the idea and I have just been running with it the last couple of days!!  So far…so good!  I am using up some of my wool leftover from some longies I made…so they are very random in color!  I have measured them to be about the size of a large Fuzzi Bunz cover.   I’ve heard the best way to fasten them is just with a plain old diaper pin in the front!  Snappi’s would obviously not be a very safe option, as they come off easily and are VERY sharp!!  So I would think a cute diaper pin in the front would be perfect!  We’ll see!

And I am almost done the 2 most recent Dishcloth Knit a longs…but haven’t finished them yet…

this is a pretty ripple patterned one…

And this is a Christian based dishcloth called "The Tomb is Open"…

There…I’ve done all I have time for today and think I’ve caught up on most of my crafties!

Make sure to pop on over to Shereen’s blog to see what other’s have done!

šŸ™‚ Bridget



  1. Oh, my gosh, everything you made is awesome! I wish you were my next-door neighbor. I'd have you teach me how to knit like that. I like to crochet dishcloths, myself. Can you ever have enough, LOL?
    Beanbags are so much fun. I think every kid should have a supply. Oh, before I forget…my name isn't anonymous. It's Mom2fur of Well, it's actually, Clare, LOL!

  2. Oh I really like the bean bags and the little tote to hold them in. That is such a cute idea and definitely something I'll have to try out!

    I'm Terri at

  3. You have some great stuff. I agree with the other poster. I wish you were my neighbor so you could teach me how to knit too.

  4. Wow! It's all great! The beanbags are such a neat idea! And I love the pillow!

  5. So many great projects. Bean bags are always a hit with kids and the storage bags are a great idea. I absolutlely love the pillow cover. I definately want to try that sometime. All those dishclothes are beautiful. I especially like the heart and bow one. And those 'ugly' dishcloths, fun and silly. I really enjoyed looking over all your creativity. Great job.

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