Posted by: purityseekers | March 7, 2008

It's Almost Spring…

I can’t believe that it will be Spring on the 20th! The kids and I took a walk today and I took a few pix to show you what our environment looks like these days…

Here are the kids heading up the street…


“C” & “E” played “kicked the snowball”…


I thought this was such a cute picture!


“L” found a piece of ice…


We headed toward my parents house (who live 4 streets down from us in the house I was brought up in!) and the snow pile by their deck was PAST the deck floor!! You can see how high up the kids are in comparison to their little brother down below!


and this is just NOT normal!!!!


The kids had to climb up and hang out with the Stop Sign for a while…


“L” wasn’t able to push the snowbank over… but it sure likes like she was trying hard!


After we said hi to my folks, my Mom gave us each a piece of her favorite “Double Bubble” gum and I snapped these pictures of all the kids chewing away…


Got a couple smiles in this one!


When we got home, to help ease the “snow blues”, it was a nice surprise to find the swimsuit fabric I ordered had arrived!!! I had purchased the modest bathing suit pattern HERE and can’t wait to get started! We just got a membership at our new YMCA so it will be nice to get out and swim BEFORE the nice weather hits us!!

The fabrics are in order from mine, “Z”s and then “L”s! The quality is AWESOME and they feel SOOOOO soft and wonderful!! I hope and pray I am able to successfully sew us some cute modest suits!!


I also posted a “Sew Crafty Friday” post over on my blog! I made sure to post it so “everyone” can view it! So, if you are bored, head on over and check it out!

Praying for the snow to melt soon, but finding the joy in my circumstance (hehe), Bridget


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