Posted by: purityseekers | March 7, 2008

Hi All…

I wanted to make sure to post to let everyone know that I have looked into why those on my "friends" list can’t always see my blog.  They said to just make sure you are "logged in"!  If you just try to view the blog… you won’t be able to see anything except the posts I enter for "everyone" to be able to view.

Also… I have a blog over at blogspot that is by invitation only, but ANY of you who are on my friends list or people I have gotten to know through other blogs can just email me their blog addy and their email address and I will send you an invite!!  I just posted some new pix of the kids outside while we went for a walk.

I also posted a "Sew Crafty Friday" post under this one!  Check it out!

šŸ™‚ Bridget





  1. I still can't seem to get myself to use the beautiful dish rags for dishes. They are just tooo beautiful! I keep them in my kitchen to feel and look at when I need to be reminded of your sweet friendship and the pursuit of being a nurturing mommy to my babes. You are very gifted at knitting and sewing.

    Oh, I wish I could have bought the dresses and stretch pants from you for my girls when they were younger. Any ideas for a twelve year old who is putting on a little weight and growing tall fast? There aren't any pants that look good on her, nor feminine. I have looked at dress websites, but I haven't found anything that looks kind of casual and comfortable, not so dressy.

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