Posted by: purityseekers | February 27, 2008

Just a Quick Post…

Wow…I can’t believe I hardly ever get a chance to blog anymore!!! I am so thankful, though, because I am really working hard at getting the “Managers of Their Homes” program up and running at our home!! It’s fun and awesome and I would highly recommend it!!
I have a million things I could post about, but am just going to post a couple quick pix to show that my “Z” FINALLY lost her first FRONT tooth tonite!! It’s been hanging there for quite a few days… and this afternoon it came out!
Here’s “Z” just moments after it fell out (sick on the couch, poor thing!)


You can see the cute little new tooth under it…

OK…I’ll post just a few more pix haha. I will be posting a more lengthy post about the play silks and cotton hankies I dyed today (probably on my homeschoolblogger site for “Sew Crafty Friday” if I get a chance)… but I will post a few pix of them drying in the bathroom tonite. I think they are SO pretty and the kids are going to have a lot of fun with them!


“C” decided to make his own “flag” creation…


and here he is after taking the elastics off from a tie dyed hankerchief…


And here’s a quick glance at my “Manager’s of Their Homes” wall. It’s not finished yet since I am in the process of getting the schedule in order.



A close up of my master schedule…so far…

OK…that’s all the time I have!!! My little man needs to nurse and then hit the sack!! I just figured it out today that on the 6th of March, he will have been nursing for 30 months!! Isn’t that wild??? I LOVE it!!!

🙂 Bridget


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