Posted by: purityseekers | February 15, 2008

"Z"s Queen Breakfast :)

Today was “Z”s REAL 7th birthday. She had a great day on Saturday at her party, but we started last year doing a special breakfast on the day the kids were born!

Let me flashback for a minute…

Here is the “Queen” last year…


Today she woke up and made sure to go and see her place setting and gifts at the table…(last year I bought all the “main” setting pieces to use every year. I keep it all in a special container. Each year I will just buy one or two new things to add to her set. This year I added a little mouse, a tiny red heart bowl, and a new little headdress (on top of the purple package)…


And then she put on her little head decorations, her scarf and necklace… what a sweet girl!!!


She made the cute necklace yesterday for Valentine’s Day…


And I thought this little mouse (or cat or whatever it is) was just so adorable!


Then her meal came! This was her menu request…

*Chocolate Milkshake
*Her name spelled out in M&M’s
*A donut (which I replaced with a cinnamon roll)
*An ear of corn
*Blueberries (and I added raspberries)
*A banana


MMMM… chocolate!!!


And gotta love pastries!!! (especially the ones that pop out of a can so that Mama can have a day off from baking!!)


Sharing her special meal with her siblings…


She loved her little gifts!! This is her new paint-by-number…


What a blessing from God my daughter is…


Happy Birthday, “Z”!!!



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